MLB's Steroid Era: The Players Who Changed Teh Game

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MLB's Steroid Era: The Players Who Changed Teh Game

Major League Baseball has been rocked by the steroid scandels of te games biggest players ie, A-Rod, Barry Bonds, and Manny Ramirez. These players ruined the sport for many fans, and players alike. MLB has done some things but players are still getting cought for using. It is extremley sad!

I personally loved Man-Ram, Bonds, and A-rod. In fact they were some of my favorites. I even own an Alex Rodriguez jersey shirt, I havent worn it since his confession of steroid use.

No these players didn't ruin the game for me, yet, because i belive in the ethic of "Hey if i'm really gonna make it some day I have to go out everyday and work my hardest for the coaches, family members, but most importently THE FANS!".

Maybe with the big money today the players dont want to dissapoint the fans and give them what they paid good money to see. If that is the case someone needs to step up and say it then MLB can work to get a salary cap to not put as much pressure on the players.

Hey, I would rather have no Albert Pujols with my Cardinals, instead of steroids in the game i love!

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