Former Michigan Student Creates App That Blocks Ohio State Students

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Former Michigan Student Creates App That Blocks Ohio State Students
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It's no secret Ohio State and Michigan don't like each other. The rivalry is so big that it extends past athletics and into the social media world.

Akash Nigam, a Michigan dropout, has created a social media app called "Blend." The purpose of the app is to let anyone with a “.edu” email address share photos that go along with the app’s theme of the day, such as "Tailgate Saturday."

The photos appear on the app similar to the way they do on Twitter and Instagram.

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However, the app is designed to block Ohio State students from using it. When a Buckeye signs up for Blend, their account is automatically deleted.

Nigam and co-founder Matt Geiger claim the app has deleted more than 2,000 accounts because of the Ohio State connection.

The Wolverines appear to have the upper hand in this battle, and Nigam talked about his decision to exclude all Buckeyes:

It’s like, look, let’s fix the problem for the people we care about, and we just don’t care about Ohio State. That’s what it comes down to. We said, ‘they probably shouldn’t be included in a cool product that we’re building.’

[Ohio State] hasn't been too happy. I think on our Facebook some guy was like super angry and sent us a few messages, but, I mean ... sucks to suck.

Obviously allowing a big school like Ohio State to use the app would help it grow, but sports fans don't care about that. It's all about keep a rival from interacting with the rest of the world.

[iTunes, Mashable; h/t Lost Lettermen]

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