Zeb Colter Needs to Remain with Cesaro as His Career Progresses

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistMarch 7, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Zeb Colter should remain with Cesaro as he climbs the ladder to becoming a main event star for WWE.

Cesaro's genuine toughness, natural athletic abilities and, of course, the Big Swing are positioning him to be one of the new fan favorites. Colter is also getting more popular. We're getting fewer heel promos from him ripping the local audience.

There is something likable about his personality as long as he's not screaming that you're illegally in the country.

Cesaro's biggest challenge will be finding his voice. We know what Cesaro can do and looks like in the ring. How does he speak and talk you into the building? It's this we need to find out and this factor which makes you a star.

Nobody ever made it to the top in the business without being able to verbally express themselvesor have a manager to do so.

As soon as the new WWE calendar year begins after WrestleMania, Cesaro should be a big part of the company's plans.

Credit: WWE.com

It would make a lot of sense to keep Colter and Cesaro together for the foreseeable future. I'm normally not a fan of babyface managers, but in this case, it would be logical. Both Colter and Cesaro will only continue to endear themselves to the audience with all the uniqueness they bring.

Colter can still cut promos and add some of his natural sense of humor. This on top of Colter's unique look and Cesaro's impressive skills in the ring could produce a great draw.

The “We the People” chant is over with the crowd. They can even redefine what the slogan means. They can spin it from the heel origins it had with Colter and Jack Swagger to a declaration of pride. All it takes is a few convincing promos and the commentators to push it. Once that happens, it could be a money-making slogan for merchandise.

The key is for Colter and Cesaro as a pair to become recognized as one—to become peanut butter and jelly.

The Undertaker and Paul Bearer. Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth. All pairs in which one just goes with the other. You can say one name and know who the other name needs to be to complete the sentence.

As always, eventually a Colter and Cesaro pairing would split up. This would then lead to a whole new chapter of storylines to use. That is way down the road, though. For now, there is a lot of new babyface territory to cover.

It's time for the Swagger-Cesaro showdown soon. Many people would assume Colter will side with Swagger. He was managing him first, and both are technically heels.

It would be a great story to have Colter align with babyface Cesaro during the Swagger match.

As for Swagger, he's had too many chances and not enough production in his career. He's a tremendous athlete, but he's not the greatest entertainer.

Colter and Cesaro have entertainment written all over them. "We the People!"


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