Shaquille O'Neal Working to Create 'Shaq Fu' Sequel

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistMarch 7, 2014

This photo provided by Indiegogo/Big Deez Productions shows a screenshot of the video game,
Uncredited/Associated Press

Shaquille O'Neal starred in the 1994 video game Shaq Fu, and now it looks like a sequel is in the works.

That's right—according to For The Win's Nina Mandell, there will be a new video game starring the NBA legend.

The original was a fighting video game that allowed users to play with O'Neal. For anyone who is worried about the sequel being just like the original, the Big Shaqtus assures everyone that this one will be better.

O'Neal's manager approached Matt Karch, a New Jersey-based video game developer, to get his client involved with video games. With the help of Karch, Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn is on its way to becoming a reality:

After Shaq Fu, some people may not be too thrilled for a sequel, but it sounds like the creators have some good ideas for the next game.

“We (explained) we could do something good with (the game),” Karch said. “We pitched it to him and he loved it.”

Once O'Neal approved, the creation of the game began:

On Thursday, O'Neal and the developers created an IndieGogo campaign to raise funds for the video game. The fundraising project has a goal of $450,000—or less than 20 percent of the total cost—and will run through April 20. Through Friday, March 7, at 1:30 p.m. ET, the site has already raised more than $51,000.

Update: Wednesday, May 7, 10:25 p.m. ET

According to The Score, the funding goal has been reached, so we can assume that the game will be made.

---End of update---

“The advantage of these crowdfunding sites is it’s not about raising the money so much as generating buzz and getting people excited about it,” Karch said.

With technology these days, there is no reason Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn shouldn't be much better than the original. The Internet should create some serious hype leading up to the release, and the technology should make the game itself much better.

O'Neal's basketball career is over, so he has had more time to think about what the game should be like. Let's hope the sequel ends up being worth his time.

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