The Good, the Great and the Awesome from NXT 3/6/14

Erik BeastonFeatured ColumnistMarch 7, 2014

The Good, the Great and the Awesome from NXT 3/6/14

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    The first episode of NXT on the WWE Network is in the books and several new matches and rivalries have been initiated.

    NXT champion Adrian Neville kicked off the show by taking on Camacho, but it was what happened afterwards involving Bo Dallas that will shape the immediate future of the title picture in NXT.

    Corey Graves had a chip on his shoulder as he arrived at Full Sail University, and unfortunately for Yoshi Tatsu, he would bear the brunt of Graves' frustration. Sami Zayn would also be the target of Graves' words, leading to a big main event between them.

    Still not completely recovered from her war with NXT Women's champion Paige from Arrival, Emma would be tasked with taking on The BFFs' Charlotte. The second-generation Diva revealed her intentions to challenge for Paige's title next, but to be in contention, she had to prove she could hang with the bubbly main roster Diva.

    Newcomer Adam Rose promised that his debut would change things forever. After bringing the party with him to this week's show, he may very well be right.

    Now that you know what to expect, find out what was good, great and awesome about the March 6 episode of NXT!

The Good

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    Adrian Neville Fights, then Talks

    The first regular weekly episode of NXT in the WWE Network era kicked off as it should have with new NXT champion Adrian Neville hitting the ring for the night's first match.

    In a solid, though not spectacular match, Neville dispatched of former main roster star Camacho by using the Red Arrow.

    He then turned his attention to Renee Young, who asked him about the championship victory over Bo Dallas from last week.

    Neville stated that it was the greatest night of his life and the culmination of 10 years of hard work. He admitted that he is not the prototypical champion but said that his look and the way he talks have nothing on his heart and his ability between the ropes.

    Bo Dallas interrupted and revealed that he would be cashing in his rematch clause very soon. He then left to his own theme music, content with having ruined Neville's moment in the spotlight.

    The match against Camacho worked as an exhibition for Neville, but the promo that followed was very pedestrian. It sounded very much like something an underdog on the main roster would say after capturing a major championship and came across as repetitive for that reason.

    The Bo Dallas rematch was inevitable, but it remains to be seen if it is the correct direction to head in so soon after what felt like the blowoff to a major rivalry just one week ago.

The Great

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    The Dirtiest Diva in the Game

    After a tremendous hard-fought match between Paige and Emma over the NXT Women's Championship on last week's Arrival special, attention was turned to second-generation Diva Charlotte.

    The daughter of the legendary "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, the athletic blonde has made quite a few waves over the last six months. She completed a heel turn that saw her betray Bayley and joined Summer Rae and Sasha Banks in The BFFs (Beautiful Fierce Females).

    Following the Arrival show, daughter and father approached both Paige and Emma and made it clear that Charlotte is the next NXT Women's champion.

    Taking a page out of daddy's playbook, Charlotte feigned an injury during her match with Emma, waited for an opening and capitalized on it by delivering a flipping neckbreaker and scoring the win.

    While she may be the least prepared of any of the Divas from an in-ring perspective, Charlotte brings some freshness to the title picture and the dynamic between her and Paige should be fun to see play out on a weekly basis.

    Building to Woods vs. Rusev

    Xavier Woods took exception to the assault he suffered at the hands of Alexander Rusev on last week's NXT Arrival. In a post-show interview with Renee Young, he compared the Bulgarian Brute to Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, then compared himself to Apollo Creed with one difference: in this movie, Creed survives.

    It was a strong, serious promo from Woods that showed he is capable of delivering more than the fun, funky mic work he has been responsible for to this point.

    Rusev and Lana's response was short and to the point. Rusev spoke in his native tongue and Lana translated, telling Young that Rusev accepted Woods' challenge.

    The match will likely be a showcase for Rusev, but the mic work and the simple build to the match was incredibly effective.

The Awesome

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    Graves in the Spotlight

    Corey Graves was one of the many talented NXT stars that was not afforded the opportunity to appear on last week's Arrival special.

    This week, he voiced his frustration and stole the spotlight for himself. His verbal assault of Yoshi Tatsu, followed by a physical one, was enough of an introduction for an audience that had never seen him before.

    The start of a program with Sami Zayn, who captured the attention of fans via his instant classic against Cesaro last week, will only help to elevate Graves in the eyes of the WWE Universe.

    Graves put up an impressive performance against Zayn, showcasing his submission wrestling skills, even in a loss.

    It is clear from all of the promotional materials that the company sees Graves as one of the breakout stars of the brand, and given the exposure he received this week, it appears as though he could be in line for a big push over the next few months.

    The Adam Rose Experience

    NXT's newest character debuted this week as Leo Kruger disappeared and the party-loving rock 'n' roll star Adam Rose emerged.

    His entrance was spectacular with the party-like atmosphere playing well in front of an audience full of college students.

    Rose himself was excellent in his portrayal of the character and the fans completely bought into the presentation as a result.

    The stalling in his match with Wesley Blake was fun at first, but in the future, it will be something Rose will have to limit to prevent boredom among a fanbase that has been conditioned to appreciate action.

    With that said, if Rose can continue to grow and develop the character, there is no reason to believe he will not be making a splash on WWE programming sometime in the near future.