WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of March 3

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 7, 2014

FILE - In this Dec. 12, 2013, file photo, talk show host Conan O'Brien arrives for the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences awards in Moffett Field, Calif. O'Brien announced Tuesday, March 4, 2014, on his TBS talk show
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Hollywood and late-night TV invaded WWE's social media offerings in the first week of March.

The most intriguing WWE-related tweets, Instagram photos and viral videos mocked John Travolta's name-pronouncing skills, captured Chris Jericho "winning the Internet" and revealed a horrifying video game version of Conan O'Brien. 

The Oscars, Undertaker and an All-Pro tight end also starred in the latest eclectic collection of social media. It was a disappointing week for CM Punk fans as "The Best in the World" didn't show when Raw hit his hometown. The Usos' fans had far more to celebrate.

Jimmy and Jey defeated The New Age Outlaws to become tag team champions for the first time in their careers. Their father, Rikishi, was one of many folks to congratulate the brothers on Twitter.

WWE also captured The Usos' joy on Instagram. A shot of the new champs grinning while clutching their gold was one of the most viewed pics on WWE's Instagram page of the week.

Photo from WWE's Instagram page

Jericho, who is still not back to dropkicking foes in the ring, earned a victory of another kind. He appeared on Comedy Central's @midnight, a show where comedians and celebrities are asked to make snappy remarks about silliness floating around the web.

Each episode's victor is dubbed "The Winner of the Internet."

Add that to Jericho's list of accomplishments. In the following clip, he racked up points in a segment about odd topics posted on bodybuilding message boards. He got bonus points for a Joe Cocker joke.

NSFW Note: The following video contains brief instances of profanity.

Ellen DeGeneres' selfie at the Oscars became the most shared tweet ever. It also became the template for many a Photoshop enthusiast.

One of the best reworkings of the celebrity-filled image had Jericho inserted into the shot.

NXT's Tyler Breeze is the king of selfies, so it's no surprise he ended up getting superimposed into Ellen's famous picture as well. Breeze, though, has such a massive ego that it was more fitting to have him replace nearly every celebrity in the photo.

The bigger story to come of out of The Academy Awards was John Travolta's odd slip of the tongue. After he botched Idina Menzel's name at the ceremony, a wildfire of jokes began to spread.

WWE joined in the fun as well, imagining what Travolta might call some of the company's most popular Superstars.

Travoltifying NXT standout Mojo Rawley's name, courtesy of Slate.com, results in him being called "Matteo Reynzo."

Rawley had a famous visitor at a recent NXT taping. Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots donned a Rawley T-shirt and gave the hyped prospect some love at the event.

WWE shared the image on its Instagram page.

Photo from WWE's Instagram

Should Rawley continue his climb up the NXT ladder, he could be making his first appearance at a WrestleMania. It's that event that Undertaker turned into his own stage, going 21-0 and composing classic after classic.

A top-10 countdown video recalled Undertaker's most memorable returns, including the one at WrestleMania XX and his most recent one where he came back to Raw to challenge Brock Lesnar.

Until The Rock got injured at WrestleMania 29, many fans thought his next match would be against Lesnar. "The Great One" has since gone back to making movies and apparently eating a ton of pancakes.

The Rock celebrated National Pancake Day (March 4) with an old photo of a massive stack.

Talk show host Conan claimed he could beat The Rock when he reviewed WWE 2K14. He did beat up The Rock in the game in an Inferno match, using a gangly virtual version of himself.

Conan confessed to just pushing random buttons but seemed to do just fine at the game. 

His view of the WWE world is an interesting one. About Sheamus, he said he looks like "Louis C.K. crossed with Bart Simpson."

NSFW Note: The following video contains brief instances of profanity.

As well as Conan swung those chairs at his buddy's back, some WWE writers are probably thinking of how to work him into a segment. As fun as that could be, he's not going to be anywhere as successful as his video game counterpart who dominated The Rock in an Inferno match.