2014 Fantasy Baseball AL-Only Outfielder Rankings

Ryan Lester@LestersLegendsSenior Writer IMarch 10, 2014

MILWAUKEE, WI - SEPTEMBER 01: Mike Trout #27 of the Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim singles in the top of the sixth inning against the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park on September 01, 2013 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)
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Here’s a look at the 2014 Lester’s Legends’ Outfielder Rankings for AL-only fantasy baseball leagues.

1. Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels

Mike Trout regressed a little from his .326/129/30/83/49 line, but his .323/109/27/97/33 line still makes him likely to be the top outfielder taken off the boards in fantasy baseball drafts. He’s just 22 and excels in all aspects of the game.

2. Adam Jones, Baltimore Orioles

Adam Jones has developed into a terrific all-around player. Over the past three years, he’s averaging a .284/90/30/91/14 line.

3. Jacoby Ellsbury, New York Yankees

Jacoby Ellsbury didn’t endear himself to the Boston faithful when he jumped ship to the New York Yankees. If he can stay healthy, expect a high average, a lot of runs and one of the highest stolen base totals in the league.

4. Jose Bautista, Toronto Blue Jays

Despite averaging 105 games over the past two seasons, Jose Bautista has averaged 73 runs, 27.5 home runs, 69 RBI and six stolen bases. You’ll have to live with his .254 lifetime average, but he can provide the power you seek.

5.Shin-Soo Choo, Texas Rangers

Shin-Soo Choo produced a solid .285/107/21/54/20 line. It was his third season with at least 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases. The move to Texas should be favorable.

6. Alex Rios, Texas Rangers

Alex Rios finished with a .278/83/18/81/42 line. He stole 16 bases in 47 games after coming over to the Rangers from the Chicago White Sox. His OPS also jumped 23 points.

7. Wil Myers, Tampa Bay Rays

Wil Myers hit .293 with 50 runs, 13 home runs, 53 RBI and five stolen bases in 88 games en route to being named the 2013 American League Rookie of the Year.

8. Alex Gordon, Kansas City Royals

Alex Gordon hit .265 with 90 runs, 20 home runs, 81 RBI and 11 stolen bases. Over the past three years, he has hit .287 with averages of 94.7 runs, 19 home runs, 80 RBI and 12.7 stolen bases.

9. Carlos Beltran, New York Yankees

Carlos Beltran will turn 37 in April, but he's averaged 81 runs, 28 home runs and 90.5 RBI over the past two years. He should put up solid numbers playing home games in Yankee Stadium.

10. Yoenis Cespedes, Oakland A's

Yoenis Cespedes saw his average plunge to .240, but he still managed to hit 26 home runs with 80 RBI. In two seasons, he's averaging 24.5 home runs, 81 RBI and 11.5 stolen bases.

11. Josh Hamilton, Los Angeles Angels

Josh Hamilton posted a .250/73/21/79/4 line in his first season with the Angels. In 2012, he sported a .285/103/43/128/7 line. If he can split the differences, which isn't out of the question, Hamilton would provide big fantasy numbers at a discount.

12. Ben Zobrist, Tampa Bay Rays

Ben Zobrist offers positional versatility, as he is also eligible at second base and shortstop. He posted a .275/77/12/71/11 line. Zobrist doesn’t excel in any one category, but he’s solid across the board.

13. Shane Victorino, Boston Red Sox

Shane Victorino hit .294 with 82 runs, 15 home runs, 61 RBI and 21 stolen bases. He is capable of a 15 home-run and 30 stolen-base season.

14. Desmond Jennings, Tampa Bay Rays

Desmond Jennings hit .252 with 82 runs, 14 home runs, 54 RBI and 20 stolen bases. He has 37 home runs and 71 stolen bases over the past three years.

15. Nelson Cruz, Baltimore Orioles

Nelson Cruz hit 27 home runs in 109 games before serving a steroid suspension. He has averaged 27 home runs over the past five years. He's a bit of a risk because that power could have been inflated.

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