German Guest on Sky Sports Calls Per Mertesacker 'Big F-----g German' on Air

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterMarch 7, 2014

Note: The Vine above contains swearing, but the default setting is that it is muted. If you don't want to hear it, don't adjust your sound settings.

Christopher Lymberopoulos caused a bit of a stir as a guest on Sky Sports News when he referred to Arsenal defender Per Mertesacker as the "Big F-----g German" live on air.

Lymberopoulos, who works for Sky Deutschland, was on the programme to talk about German players. He was discussing Mertesacker in comparison to Mesut Ozil, who was booed during the midweek international friendly.

"This is a good comparison," he said, "because Per has a different standing. You call him the 'Big F-----g German' here? He's tall, he's always fighting, this is what people in Germany always like to see."

Apologies from the show's two presenters followed. Laughing off-camera, Lymberopoulos added, "I'm German, sorry!"

Another sorry came at the end of the segment from presenter Adam Leventhal.

"We must just apologise for any language you may have heard there in Christopher's answers," he said. 

'Sorry for using Per Mertesacker's full nickname'. A nation tries to muddle on with their lives, somehow.

— Mark Patterson (@MarkPattersonBR) March 7, 2014

Technically it was all language.

If we lean on our friends and family for support, we'll soldier on after this traumatic episode.