UK Open Darts 2014 Results: Daily Scores, Updated Schedule and Final Prize Money

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UK Open Darts 2014 Results: Daily Scores, Updated Schedule and Final Prize Money

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    Phil taylor's terrible form continued with a loss to rank outsider Aden Kirk.
    Phil taylor's terrible form continued with a loss to rank outsider Aden Kirk.Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

    The 2014 Coral UK Open got underway today at it's new home, Butlins' Minehead Resort.

    Known as the "FA Cup of darts," the first day's play featured a host of star names including Raymond van Barneveld, PDC World Champion and world number one Michael van Gerwen, and reigning UK Open Champion Phil Taylor.

    TV cameras were in place to capture the action from the Preliminary, First, Second and Third rounds, all taking place over the course of Friday afternoon and evening.

    With 74 matches to conclude, eight individual stages had been erected across the venue and the raucous darts public were in full voice as arrows were delivered with poise, purpose and grace by amateur and professional alike. 

    It's easy to understand why this particular tournament is so popular with the players.

    Per Professional Darts Championship there is a £250,000 prize pot to be shared, and this is broken down as follows:

    Winner: £50,000

    Runner-Up: £25,000

    Semi Finalist: £12,500

    Quarter-Finalist: £7,500

    Last 16: £5,000

    Last 32: £3,000

    Last 64: £1,000

    The PDC have also generously donated a rolling £5,000 bonus for anyone capable of a nine-darter at this year's championship.

    Let's take a look at all of Friday's results, a summary of play, and the lineup for Saturday's fourth and fifth round matches.

Day 1 Recap

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    Former World Champion John Part was whitewashed by unfancied Paul Hogan.
    Former World Champion John Part was whitewashed by unfancied Paul Hogan.Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

    Darts punters were spoilt for choice on Friday with 74 matches taking place.  A full list of results can be found below together with a brief look at a couple of standout ties.

    Full list of results: Friday March 7

    Afternoon Session (11.45am-5pm)

    Preliminary, First & Second Rounds

    Main Stage

    Preliminary Round

    Carl Green 3-5 Lionel Sams

    First Round

    Glenn Spearing 2-5 Antonio Alcinas
    Kevin Taylor 1-5 Arron Monk
    Raymond van Barneveld 5-3 Tony Broughton
    Kyle Anderson 4-5 Kevin McDine

    Second Round

    John Henderson 1-5 Jelle Klaasen
    Keegan Brown 3-5 Mensur Suljovic
    Ian White 5-4 Daryl Gurney
    Paul Hogan 5-0 John Part

    Stage Two

    Preliminary Round

    Brian Woods 3-5 Dean Stewart

    First Round

    Dennis Smith 5-1 Mark Hylton
    Ewan Hyslop 5-4 Steve Brown
    Alan Derrett 5-2 Jyhan Artut
    Ben Burton 4-5 Michael Mansell

    Second Round

    Steve Maish 5-0 Ben Ward
    Ronny Huybrechts 5-0 Adrian Gray
    Jason Hogg 5-3 Wayne Jones
    Martin Stead 2-5 Raymond van Barneveld

    Stage Three

    Preliminary Round

    Paul Whitworth 0-5 Rhys Griffin

    First Round

    Steve Douglas 3-5 Johnny Haines
    James Hubbard 5-4 Jeff Batham
    Joe Murnan 5-0 Shaun Lovett
    Dean Reynolds 4-5 Martin Stead

    Second Round

    Garry Spedding 2-5 David Pallett
    D Smith/Hylton 2-5 Peter Hudson
    Ewan Hyslop 2-5 Kevin McDine
    Alex Roy 5-4 Tony Newell

    Stage Four

    Preliminary Round

    Alan Tabern 1-5 Tony Randall

    First Round

    Conan Whitehead 4-5 Aden Kirk
    Mark Cox 5-4 Shaun Narain
    Lionel Sams 5-3 Chris Aubrey
    Rhys Griffin 3-5 Karl Merchant

    Second Round

    John Bowles 1-5 Dirk van Duijvenbode
    Rocco Maes 5-2 Daniels/Bennett
    Alan Derrett 3-5 Adam Hunt
    Sam Allen 3-5 Ross Smith

    Stage Five

    Preliminary Round

    Martin Stead 5-3 Alan Casey

    First Round

    Adam Cousins 2-5 Paul Hogan
    Pete Dyos 3-5 William O'Connor
    Adam Hunt 5-3 Michael Malone
    Dean Stewart 5-0 Graham Dando

    Second Round

    Andy Boulton 5-4 Josh Payne
    James Hubbard 5-3 Steve Hine
    Aaron Monk 4-5 Karl Merchant
    Benito van de Pas 5-3 David Dodds

    Stage Six

    Preliminary Round

    Kevin McDine 5-2 Aaron Holdstock

    First Round

    Andy Boulton 5-2 Jonathan Worsley
    Matthew Edgar 5-1 Matt Clark
    Jason Lovett 3-5 Simon Stevenson
    Tony Randell 5-1 Rowby-John Rodriguez

    Second Round

    Nigel Heydon 5-4 Johnny Haines
    Dave Weston 3-5 Mick Todd
    Antonio Alcinas 5-3 Matthew Edgar
    Lionel Sams 4-5 Joe Murnan

    Stage Seven

    Preliminary Round

    Ian Jones 3-5 Simon Stevenson
    James Young 3-5 David O'Brien

    First Round

    Benito van de Pas 5-3 Doug Thompson
    Jim Hill 1-5 Alex Roy
    Sam Allen 5-3 Chris Mackie
    Nathan Derry 4-5 Gerwyn Price

    Second Round

    Michael Barnard 1-5 Stuart Kellett
    Tony Randell 5-4 Steve West
    Jamie Caven 3-5 Kevin Dowling
    Michael Mansell 5-2 Dean Stewart

    Stage Eight

    Preliminary Round

    Nathan Derry 5-2 Jason Mold
    William Naylor 4-5 Sam Allen

    First Round

    Nigel Daniels 5-3 Scott Bennett
    Mick Baker 4-5 Mick Todd
    Kevin Dowling 5-4 Chris Dobey
    David Dodds 5-1 David O'Brien

    Second Round

    Mark Cox 1-5 Darren Webster
    Ian Lever 3-5 William O'Connor
    Aden Kirk 5-2 Gerwyn Price
    Simon Stevenson 5-3 Mark Barilli

    Evening Session (7pm-11pm)

    Third Round

    Main Stage

    Peter Wright 9-8 Michael Smith
    Ronnie Baxter 5-9 Adrian Lewis
    Aden Kirk 9-7 Phil Taylor
    Michael van Gerwen 9-1 James Hubbard

    Kevin Dowling 8-9 Stephen Bunting

    Stage Two

    Justin Pipe 7-9 Dave Chisnall
    Kevin Painter 9-5 Richie Burnett
    Raymond van Barneveld 9-3 Mick Todd
    James Wade 9-1 Michael Mansell

    Stage Three

    Steve Beaton 6-9 Brendan Dolan
    Adam Hunt 5-9 Paul Nicholson
    Terry Jenkins 9-4 Stuart Kellett

    Stage Four

    Mark Webster 9-5 Mark Walsh
    Kevin McDine 8-9 David Pallett
    Andy Smith 3-9 Gary Anderson
    Steve Maish 1-9 Nigel Heydon

    Stage Five

    Ronnie Huybrechts 9-6 Simon Whitlock
    Jamie Lewis 9-8 William O'Connor
    Robert Thornton 9-3 Jason Hogg
    Mensur Suljovic 9-3 Tony Randell

    Stage Six

    Paul Hogan 9-3 Benito van de Pas
    Christian Kist 9-2 Antonio Alcinas
    Wes Newton* v Andrew Gilding (*withdrew through illness, bye awarded to Gilding)
    Dirk van Duijvenbode 8-9 Joe Murnan

    Stage Seven

    Kim Huybrechts 9-5 Ross Smith
    Peter Hudson 8-9 Ian White
    Andy Boulton 2-9 Dean Winstanley
    Nick Fullwell 1-9 Alex Roy

    Stage Eight

    Darren Webster 6-9 Vincent van der Voort
    Rocco Maes 6-9 Simon Stevenson
    Karl Merchant 4-9 Mervyn King
    Andy Hamilton 9-8 Jelle Klaasen

    The Skyline Pavilion witnessed some of the biggest shocks in this competition for many a year on Friday.

    Three times PDC World Champion John Part had obviously not learnt his lesson from the last, and only, time he had lost to Paul Hogan.

    50-year-old Basingstoke part timer Hogan made short work of an off-colour Part but a 5-0 whitewash must surely have been beyond his wildest dreams.

    John Boyman of the Basingstoke Gazette detailed Hogan's delight:

    I'm absolutely over the moon. To beat a player like John, you have got to play very well.

    I just went up there and enjoyed it. I did not expect to win 5-0 because he is a quality player who has been there and done it.

    To get a 100 average is superb but you have to play well to beat a three-time world champion.

    Simon Whitlock continued his poor form in the competition, and was sent tumbling out at the third round stage.

    Belgium's Ronnie Huybrechts had already seen brother Kim take out Ross Smith by a comfortable margin of 9-5 before dispatching Whitlock 9-6.

    Ian White almost pulled off a stunning nine darter in the deciding leg of his 5-4 victory over Daryl Gurney.

    White had already hit two maximums and followed it up with a perfect seventh dart, but nerves crept in and a missed treble 19 took away his chance of a shot at the £5,000 bonus on offer to anyone able to complete the perfect leg.

    Per PDC.TV, Dutchman Raymond van Barneveld explained why he enjoys coming back to UK shores for these championships:

    It's been like old-school darts and this event is all about giving players a chance at this level.

    Every round's like a final because these lads all came here thinking that they can win the tournament, which is great for the PDC.

    In reality, the crowd had come to see the big guns in the evening session and the action didn't disappoint.

    Only a day after another defeat in the Premier League, Phil Taylor lost to rank outsider and world number 141 Aden Kirk.

    The 22-year-old rookie came to the stage with swagger and no sign of nerves, and took that into his play.

    If anything, it was "The Power" who allowed the occasion to get to him, and he was unceremoniously dumped out 9-7.

    In sharp contrast, Taylor's contemporaries were on fire. Michael van Gerwen made short work of James Hubbard, allowing the Englishman just a consolation leg in  9-1 victory.

    Left-hander James Wade showed a flicker of his old self in a storming performance which saw him ease through against Michael Mansell by the same score.

    All in all, a very entertaining days play with more to come in Saturday's fourth and fifth round matches.

Day 2 Recap: Fourth and Fifth Sessions

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    World Champion Michael van Gerwen is in fine form ahead of Saturday's fourth and fifth round of matches.
    World Champion Michael van Gerwen is in fine form ahead of Saturday's fourth and fifth round of matches.Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

    On Saturday the action really begins to hot up and players through to this stage have already guaranteed themselves a take home of £3,000.

    Participants in Saturday's evening session will have their prize money increased to £5,000.

    Below is the full draw for the tournament's last 32 players:

    Saturday March 8, Afternoon Session (11.45am-5pm)

    Fourth Round (Last 32)

    Stephen Bunting 6-9 Dean Winstanley

    James Wade 9-5 Kim Huybrechts

    Michael van Gerwen 9-5 Andy Hamilton

    Alex Roy 5-9 Ian White

    Vincent van der Voort 8-9 Christian Kist 

    Raymond van Barneveld 9-3 Joe Murnan

    Nigel Heydon 7-9 Brendan Dolan

    Paul Nicholson 5-9 Terry Jenkins

    Aden Kirk 9-5 Peter Wright

    Ronnie Huybrechts 8-9 Adrian Lewis

    Kevin Painter 9-4 Andrew Gilding

    Gary Anderson 9-5 David Pallett

    Mensur Suljovic 9-7 Robert Thornton 

    Jamie Lewis 9-5 Simon Stevenson

    Dave Chisnall 4-9 Mervyn King 

    Mark Webster 9-8 Paul Hogan

    Evening session, Round of 16

    Brendan Dolan 9-7 Aden Kirk

    Mensur Suljovic 9-5 Jamie Lewis

    Ian White 9-7 Gary Anderson

    Terry Jenkins 9-8 James Wade

    Mervyn King 9-6 Christian Kist

    Michael Van Gerwen 9-4 Mark Webster

    Kevin Painter 9-5 Dean Winstanley

    Adrian Lewis 9-2 Raymond Van Barneveld

    The second day of the 2014 UK Open was filled with drama, as several matches came down to the wire.

    No match was as closely contested as the Dutch matchup of Christan Kist vs Vincent van der Voort, which had to be decided in a 17th leg. Kist would emerge victorious in a thrilling final leg, only to lose to Mervyn King in the Round of 32. 

    King seems to be enjoying an excellent run so far, taking care of Premier Leaguer Dave Chisnall before dispatching of Kist. With a quarterfinal berth already under his belt, the English veteran is playing without pressure and will be a dangerous out for any player he faces.

    Mensur Suljovic will be playing in his first PDC quarterfinal after beating Jamie Lewis in the evening session. His final out on a double one was a thing of beauty, and the Austrian ace will be looking to build on an already impressive result going into Day 3.

    Gary Anderson came close to leveling with Ian White but failed a golden opportunity at 8-7, allowing the experienced White to finish their tie on double seven. 

    World Champion Michael Van Gerwen took care of business with an easy win over Mark Webster, and the last tie of the evening brought perhaps the biggest surprise of all, as Raymond van Barneveld was completely destroyed by a superb Adrian Lewis.

    The Englishman has been in excellent form, but that doesn't excuse the poor display we saw from the Dutch legend as he exited the tournament with a humbling 9-2 defeat. 

Day 3: Quarterfinal Draw

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    Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

    Sunday will see the conclusion to the 2014 Coral UK Open as the last eight players still standing will all have their eyes set on the £50,000 purse that goes to the victor.

    This is the draw for the quarterfinal:

    Ian White vs Michael Van Gerwen

    Terry Jenkins vs Brendan Dolan

    Adrian Lewis vs Mensur Suljovic

    Mervyn King vs Kevin Painter

Lewis Storms to Victory

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    Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

    Adrian Lewis secured the UK Open Darts title after a ruthless 11-1 demolition of Terry Jenkins in the final.

    Lewis had earlier seen off Mervyn King in the semi-final, and went on to record an average of 109 in the final. His prize for coming through a field of 138 entrants is a cheque for £50,000.

    Jenkins did not put up as much resistance as his semi-final might have suggested. After beating world champion Michael van Gerwen 10-8, hopes were high of a competitive final. However, it was not to be as Lewis romped home to an emphatic victory. 

    UK Open 2014 Final

    Adrian Lewis (England)11
    Terry Jenkins (England)1

    Semi finals

    Adrian Lewis10
    Mervyn King6
    Michael van Gerwen8
    Terry Jenkins10

    Quarter finals

    Kevin Painter6
    Mervyn King10
    Terry Jenkins10
    Brendan Dolan4
    Adrian Lewis10
    Mensur Suljovic3
    Michael van Gerwen10
    Ian White8