The More I Think About It, The More Teixeria Is The Hero

Daniel HillmanContributor IJune 23, 2016

The more I think about it. The more Mark Teixeria is the story in tonight's game.

He was standing on first with two outs in the ninth inning with Alex Rodriguez up, when A-Rod poped into a routine pop-fly to second base. A can-of-corn by any person's estimates. It would have the NORMAL thing to do to NOT run that out. An infield fly? Why waste your time busting it hard around the bases? The game is already OVER. To take assumption at it's whole-sale price and JOG around the bases, the way almost 80% of major league baseball players would do, is expected. But Mark didn't. Mark ran it out.

And to his reward he scored the winning run on the single most unpredictable ending to a game that I can recall in the 14 years of me being a baseball fan can recall.

Salute to Mark Teixeria for running that seemingly routine pop-fly out.