Randy Orton Has No Chance of Becoming WWE Champion on Raw: Don't Tune In

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIJune 13, 2009

This upcoming Monday night on Raw, the WWE Championship, which has been vacated due to Batista's injury, will be on the line in a Fatal Four Way match  between Randy Orton, Triple H, John Cena, and The Big Show.

What the WWE was thinking when they took the title off of their most talented Superstar is beyond me. So was the ridiculous conclusion of last week's Raw, which resulted in Batista not being counted out when he logically should have.

The bottom line is that Randy Orton is not the WWE Champion, nor will he be after next week's edition of Raw.

With the return of Triple H and the momentum of John Cena, what we can expect is a guaranteed result that will favor a babyface.

Why you might ask?

The WWE loves to hold the heels down to make the face's look dominant enough to sell lots of merchandise.

There is no place for a guy like Randy Orton anymore.

Expect to see him serve the predictable role bestowed upon him be the WWE's charismatic creative team: a dangerous coward who is going to get a beat down, especially this coming Monday.

There is no chance of Randy Orton walking out of Charlotte, North Carolina as the WWE Champion.

No chance in hell, as they might say.

If they were going to make the right move, it would have been made last week by counting out Batista, who never arrived to compete and awarding the WWE Title to Randy Orton.

But they didn't do that, which means if they had no interest in making it happen then. They will have even less interest in making it happen this coming Monday.

Besides, you don't really think that the man who punted Ric Flair in the skull is going to walk into his hometown and walk out as "The Man," do you?


If you happen to be a fan of Randy Orton, I suggest that you don't expose yourself to the predictable spectacle that will be next week's edition of Raw.

You can join me on Monday nights as I'm going to find something better to do until the WWE chooses makes itself more exciting again.