Fan Almost Destroyed by Truck at San Felipe 250, Gets 1 Heck of a Picture

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 6, 2014

This lady was almost photobombed to death. 

Jalopnik's Andrew P. Collins compiled a couple of startling videos from the San Felipe 250, which Collins writes "will pit trucks, bikes, and ATVs against each other and the desert tomorrow, kicking off a five-race championship off-road racing series."

Little did Collins know that the race would also feature a lovely teachable moment for fans out there. The most pertinent might be we, as a human race, should do everything in our power to stave off death at sporting events. 

Now accidents happen, but it's best if—and we are just spitballing here—we try not to welcome tragedy by asking to take a picture with a truck barreling down the road at absurd speeds. 

For those few who still don't get it, let's spell things out plainly: Taking a picture with a truck or other vehicle is completely fine. Taking a photo with a truck speeding your way is not only the perfect way to get an image of a blurry truck, but also a great way to get injured. 

Unfortunately, we don't have much in the way of extra information like quotes from the lady who values profile pics over being alive. However, Collins did spot this other version of the same scary moment. 

This isn't the only lesson we can glean from this short but powerful video. The other is that, no matter how natural it feels, one should never record video vertically. True champions of life understand that there is a far better way to capture someone almost dying, and that is by landscape. 

Now if you weren't convinced how quickly these trucks fly down the dirt track, a Jalopnik commenter provided this awesome video:With drivers concentrated on the race in trucks that kick up dirt, making visibility worse, we have to reiterate that this is a sport that is best viewed on video from the safety of your house. 

Although, we know this won't stop fans from going out there once again to watch the amazing spectacle. If you simply have to go out there, photoshop yourself into any truck photos later. They may look fake, but you will be alive, which is better than any selfie. 


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