Adidas Invent Football Boot That's Also a Sock, 'World's First Hybrid'

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterMarch 6, 2014


Last week, Adidas released a knitted football boot. If you thought that was unconventional, this week they've unveiled a shoe/sock hybrid.

According to the manufacturers:

"The limited edition Primeknit FS is the world’s first all-in-one knitted soccer cleat and sock hybrid. This unique sock silhouette design will provide a second-skin feel that will offer the perfect fit from toe to calf. The sock improves ball to foot touch compared to cleats with traditional overlays, edges or laces."

The cleat is currently what the sportswear firm describe as a "concept model," so you can't get your hands on them for the moment.

That unfortunately means that when you next play a match, you will have to suffer the drudgery of putting on a sock and then a boot. Life is tough.


Thanks to Adidas for passing along the details.