Monday Night Raw Main Event (June 15)

sebastian cedenoContributor IJune 12, 2009

This Monday Night We have a Fatal Four Way WWE Championship and it is between Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Big Show

Randy Orton: 1 time World Heavyweight Champion, 1 time World Tag Team Champion, 3 time WWE Champion, 1 Time Intercontinental Champion, and the 2009 Royal Rumble Winner.

John Cena: 2 time World Heavyweight Champion, 2 time World Tag Team Champion, 3 Time WWE Champion, 3 time United States Champion, and the 2008 Royal Rumble Winner.

Triple H: 5 time World Heavyweight Champion, 8 time WWE Champion, 2 time European Champion, 5 time Intercontinental Champion, 1 time Tag Team Champion,  1997 King Of The Ring, and 2002 Royal Rumble Winner.

Big Show: 1 time ECW Champion, 1 time United States Champion, 2 time WWE Champion, 3 time Hardcore Champion, and 3 time World Tag Team Champion.

Who will overcome all the odds and become WWE Champion? We'll find out this Monday.