Tyson Chandler Says Kevin Love 'Can't Play D'

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love is a defender's nightmare, with a lethal combination of size (6'10", 243 lbs) and the ability to stretch the floor with outside shooting.

According to the New York Knicks' Tyson Chandler, though, Love's defensive game isn't nearly as dominant.

When asked about Love, Chandler said, "he can just stretch the floor so well, so we gotta do a better job of closing out."

But the former Defensive Player of the Year added that the Knicks can take advantage of the mismatch on the other end: "Go at him. He can't play D." 

Update: Friday, March 7, 11 p.m. ET

Chandler spoke about his comments regarding Love over Twitter, saying that the two are close friends.

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Update: Friday, March 7, 1:10 p.m. ET

Love responded to the claim by jokingly brushing it off—with some NSFW language thrown in, of course.

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[YouTube, h/t That NBA Lottery Pick]