Projecting Best Ways for Dolph Ziggler to Break into WrestleMania Card

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMarch 5, 2014


When you have a WrestleMania show that is stacked out with part-time guys, it is naturally going to be tough to make an impact on the show.

Unless you are somebody like Daniel Bryan or John Cena, everyone else is almost taking a back seat when it comes to WrestleMania XXX, including Dolph Ziggler.

This time last year, Ziggler was fighting for the Tag Team Championship with his former heavy Big E. They ultimately lost to Daniel Bryan and Kane, and Ziggler faded into obscurity somewhat.

It has been a tough few months for Ziggler, but he seemed to almost get back on the horse this past week on Raw (March 3). His win over Alberto Del Rio seemed to suggest there could still be something for Dolph Ziggler to do at WrestleMania—and he would be a welcome addition to the card.

The Chicago crowd proved that Ziggler is still an immensely popular guy amongst wrestling fans, and he has the ability to work a crowd like few can within the WWE. Face or heel, Ziggler can always draw a reaction, and that is the kind of guy you need at WrestleMania.

But with the card looking incredibly full already, just what is there for Dolph at WrestleMania XXX?


The Intercontinental Championship—and a Familiar Foe

It would be extremely apt—and somewhat ironic—if Ziggler's path into WrestleMania XXX was a match against the guy who he teamed up with at last year's show.

Big E's Intercontinental Championship has really started to go stale, and something has to be done to try and re-energize the belt. It is the secondary championship within the company after the WWE unified their two major belts, after all.

A traditional WrestleMania feature is the Battle Royal match. We've seen gimmick ones, and we've seen ones for belts or for title shots. Pulling together a lot of the guys who seem to be marooned in the middle of the card would be a great way to give the IC belt some exposure and hopefully some direction.

The same could be said for Ziggler—a strong showing in a match of that caliber, and you never know what the future may hold.


The Tag Team That Never Was

Remember a few weeks back on Raw when The Miz kept interrupting Santino Marella vs. Fandango matches? Well, seemingly the plan (h/t via F4WOnline) was to throw Miz and Dolph Ziggler together to do an angry tag team.

That wouldn't have been the worst idea in the world, in all fairness. Sometimes guys who are struggling to find a direction as singles competitors can thrive as a team. Daniel Bryan's career would be a shining example of that.

That would mean either turning Ziggler heel or Miz face, of course. However, Ziggler has proven that no matter what his character profile is, he can compete and be a success.

With the tag division under the control of new champions in The Usos, having several teams challenge them for the straps at WrestleMania would be a great way for them to prove just how good they are. Ziggler and Miz have the potential to be a decent enough tag team and would certainly have an impact on a match of that type.


Make His Presence Felt on Someone Else

The other main way to push Ziggler into WrestleMania is to have him interfere in someone's plans at the show—to set a post-WrestleMania path running.

Ziggler has proven himself to be a master at interfering in others' business over the years—it is how he established himself as a top heel. 

With so many matches potentially on the card at WrestleMania, it gives Ziggler plenty of opportunities to make his presence felt. That may again mean him turning heel, but that is no big issue. Some of Dolph's best work has come as a heel, including runs as World Heavyweight champion.

One thing is for certain. A guy like Dolph Ziggler would be a shrewd addition to the WrestleMania card on some level—he will be needed when the current crop of part-time wrestlers depart the company once again.