TNA Impact Wrestling: Complete Preview, Rumors, News and More for March 6

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistMarch 5, 2014


This Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling is the go-home show for TNA Lockdown (scheduled for Sunday, March 9), and the anticipation surrounding the marquee pay-per-view has fans excited for the final build.

With the final members of the Lethal Lockdown match revealed, Samoa Joe and Magnus meeting one last time before the PPV main event and the rest of the undercard being finalized, this will be an epic go-home edition of Impact Wrestling.

Here is all the vital viewing information for Thursday’s show and what to expect from this episode.


Where: Wembley Arena, London, England

When: Thursday, March 6 at 9 p.m. ET (pre-taped)

Watch: Spike TV


Lethal Lockdown Teams Are Finalized

New investor MVP is fighting to build a team to compete in a Lethal Lockdown match against Team Dixie, and there is no doubt that the final member of his squad will be revealed this week on Impact Wrestling.

There will also be a six-man tag match on Thursday's show featuring MVP and The Wolves taking on Bobby Roode and The BroMans.

After trying to recruit Austin Aries, MVP was crossed by the former world champion last week in the main event. Team Dixie now consists of Aries, Roode and The BroMans. With control of wrestling operations on the line, MVP’s final teammate must be a difference-maker.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: Who Will Be MVP’s Final Teammate?

There is an incredible amount of pressure on MVP to win the match at Lockdown and save TNA from the tyrannical ways of Dixie Carter, but his team still lacks a fourth member. MVP will lead his team in the ring and will be joined by The Wolves, but there is one spot still open.

That’s where Jeff Hardy fits perfectly.

Impact Wrestling has announced that Hardy will return at Lockdown, and with no match for one of the top stars in the company, adding him as the fourth member of Team MVP would be an ideal move. Whether Hardy will be portraying Willow or not will be a focal point for many fans as well.


Hype Meter: 4 out of 5 Legitimately Exciting Lethal Lockdown Matches

While there have been plenty of Lethal Lockdown matches in the past that few fans cared about, TNA has done a great job making the Team Dixie vs. Team MVP match feel special on so many levels.

Carter has become the ultimate heel and the symbol of all that is wrong with Impact Wrestling. With MVP possibly taking control for the good guys if his team is victorious, the fans now have a vested interest in the match.

This is just another sign of the positive changes TNA is making.


TNA News: MVP Talks About Lethal Lockdown, CM Punk and more, via Ring Rust Radio.


Samoa Joe vs. Magnus and Final Lockdown Build

Much of the focus on Thursday will be the final build to the Lethal Lockdown Match, but TNA is advertising a face-to-face confrontation between Magnus and Samoa Joe just a few days before their main event bout at Lockdown for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Joe has been attacked by every member of Team Dixie’s camp over the last month, but it has only made him angrier and more focused on beating Magnus. With the rules now favoring Samoa Joe at Lockdown, the confrontation on Thursday will inevitably turn physical.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: Which Star Will Walk Out of Miami as Champion?

It is clear from the commitment TNA has shown Magnus that he will likely retain the world title at Lockdown, but to TNA’s credit, the company has done a great job making Samoa Joe look like a viable No. 1 contender who could walk out as champion.

From the submission victory over Magnus to Joe’s pure domination in the ring against every challenger, there is no question that the No. 1 contender has been booked incredibly strong. The fans truly care about this main event, regardless of who wins.


Hype Meter: 4 out of 5 Entertaining Undercards

As great as the two main events will be at Lockdown, there are several undercard matches that have been added over the past weeks that make this an entertaining card. With Samuel Shaw taking on Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle squaring off against ECIII, it is clear that TNA is making an effort to legitimize young and unproven stars.

Add in the heated battle between Gunner and James Storm, as well as the Knockouts Championship match between Madison Rayne and Gail Kim, and this is the kind of PPV card that proves TNA is moving in the right direction.


TNA Rumors: Why Austin Aries Dropped the X Division Title, per F4WOnline (via Wrestling Inc).


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