Mac Danzig, Former 'The Ultimate Fighter' Winner, Announces Retirement from MMA

Hunter HomistekCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2014

USA Today

Thirteen-time UFC veteran and The Ultimate Fighter Season 6 winner Mac Danzig announced his retirement from MMA via his blog

Hinting that he lost his competitive fire and began to worry about his long-term mental health, Danzig said the following: enthusiasm and motivation for competition definitely reached it’s peak around 2008 (after 7 years prior of toiling in the minor professional leagues) and it’s been an uphill battle ever since... Really, the only physical cue for me to step back from competition came last year, when I began to suffer repeated concussions in training, leading up to what would end up being my first ever actual knockout loss, in July.

For Danzig, this decision represents another smart, thought-out move from a man who identifies as a vegan and is generally regarded as one of the sport's most pensive individuals. 

Fans may remember him on The Ultimate Fighter refusing to kill bugs and expressing his belief that all is equal in the world, that a bug deserves the same right to life as us. That mindset summarizes Danzig's depth of thinking. He's explored the corners of his mind and the world around him, and his decision to retire is certainly not made in haste. 

Danzig mentioned in the blog post that, as a father, he needed to step away from the sport to ensure a continued involvement in his loved ones' lives. 

"I must take into consideration how important my sustained brain function is and how tragic it would be to have Parkinsons, Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc," Danzig wrote. 

For fans of Danzig's fighting style and participation in MMA and UFC activities, fear not. 

At the end of his post, Danzig said that he plans to continue teaching and training, and he would love to lend his abilities to the UFC. 

I have not decided exactly what I’m going to do professionally full-time, but I am planning to stay involved with the sport, continuing to work with the UFC (if possible), training students 1-on-1, coaching fighters and giving seminars.

In addition, Danzig said he will continue to pursue his interest in the arts, including writing, photography and cinematography. 

While Danzig provides an excellent model for young fighters, he lost his last three fights, including a vicious knockout at the hands of Melvin Guillard. He went 5-8 in his UFC stint and was 21-12 overall in his professional career. 

Listen to Danzig talk about his decision in the video from MMAjunkie, embedded above.