Celebrate Mardi Gras with Pictures of Rob Ryan at Krewe of Argus Parade

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 4, 2014


Happy Fat Tuesday! Mardi Gras revelers should order heavy on the drinks, feel free to go back for seconds at every meal, and of course, sit back and take in the majesty that is Rob Ryan serving as grand marshal of the Krewe of Argus parade. 

The iconic long hair was flowing as freely as the beer, and the smile was as vibrant as the beads that are being passed around from one partygoer to the next. 

We will stop with the yapping and just give you the grace and grandeur that is this year's grand marshal, who acts as the Saints defensive coordinator in his down time. 

NOLA.com Saints beat writer Larry Holder couldn't wait to snap off this picture of Ryan: 

Drew Brees' jersey never looked so good. So good, in fact, that we simply must get that hair from another angle, via a tweet from Kelley McWhirter

In the end, Rob Ryan is a man of the people—or, more accurately, a man the people love to imitate. Anyone enjoying the celebration over the weekend must have felt they were almost drowning amid the sea of Ryans. 

Here are some tweets showcasing the Flock of Ryans: 

If that weren't enough, there are even commemorative cups that make that adult beverage taste extra magical (via NOLA.com's Jed Lipinski): 

The Times Picayune helps us out with a bit more information on the festivities: "The parade rolls on a Metairie route on Mardi Gras morning. In Greek mythology, Argus is known as a giant with 100 eyes." 

The parade's website states there is a great deal more than Ryan's panache being thrown around: "A very family-oriented parade, King Argus is regarded by many in the same light as King Zulu and Rex of New Orleans. One favorite float is 'George Rodrigue's Blue Dog,' which throws stuffed Blue Dogs."

WDSU has video of the drenched DC sipping on something delightful, tossing the flute into the crowd and then proclaiming, "Still working on this New Orleans tradition."

No, we think you have this thing on lockdown. 

The coordinator looks to be enjoying himself, and the Mardi Gras denizens seem to fully embrace his presence. We think this is a perfect match that hopefully gets replayed as long as Ryan is with the Saints. 

Let's make Ryan the spirit animal of New Orleans' biggest party. 


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