Analyzing Impact of Potential CM Punk Return on Top WWE Stars

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMarch 4, 2014


Okay, so it didn't exactly pan out as (h/t Wrestling expected on Raw, but a CM Punk return prior to WrestleMania XXX is still very much on the cards.

Although he walked out on the company following the Royal Rumble, the chances of Punk coming back are still possible. Of course, when a huge star returns to the company, there are several angles that need to be examined.

One of those is the impact it will have on the rest of the company. At a time when plenty of part-time guys are currently active with the company, that makes it slightly more difficult to gauge. However, discount the likes of Brock Lesnar, Undertaker and Batista for a moment.

If Punk's return has an impact on anyone, it is the guys who are with the WWE all year.

The first guy that springs to mind when analyzing the impact of a CM Punk return is Daniel Bryan. In many ways, they are incredibly similar. Both are independent wrestling heroes done good and both are supremely popular with WWE fans.

Bryan is currently riding on a wave of fan momentum not seen since the days of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Nobody on the current roster has been able to generate popularity like it—not even CM Punk.

There is a worry, however, that any Punk return could halt Bryan's momentum somewhat.

Of course, if WWE plays a return correctly, Punk and Bryan's paths won't cross. But if the company goes down an angle where Punk becomes involved with Bryan's projected match with Triple H, it could have a huge impact on the immediate future of Bryan.

Some will argue Punk could only enhance Bryan's popularity if he helps him defeat Triple H at WrestleMania. Perhaps, but there is always a danger with CM Punk that the limelight may well get thrust upon him.

The one positive of having him directly involved with that match is the mouthwatering prospect of him going at it with The Authority. Punk and Triple H have previous history and there is a scenario where Punk could indeed make that match even better, if that is possible.

The fact that Punk would potentially be returning just in time for WrestleMania has a dramatic effect on other WWE stars too.

Any interest in Randy Orton vs. Batista would surely wane even further with a potential Punk appearance at 'Mania—unless, of course, he makes his presence felt in that particular match.

Orton against Batista is in grave danger of becoming a highly forgettable main event. The interest is just not there for the match, but finding a way to book Punk in the match would surely boost it on some level. That would make for a positive Punk impact on both men, as all of a sudden they find themselves in a main event with much, much more interest attached to it.

All in all, Punk's return could be a hugely positive thing for the company should it be timed right. Don't believe any of the nonsense that Punk returning means certain guys are going to get pushed down the card. That won't happen.

CM Punk is a huge draw for WWE and indeed for WrestleMania. Him returning just in time for the show would have a positive effect on everyone, as the show would get just that little bit more interesting.