What to Expect from Mar. 3 Edition of Raw

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistMarch 3, 2014

What to Expect from Mar. 3 Edition of Raw

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    Credit: WWE.com

    WrestleMania XXX is rapidly approaching—and each Raw show is beginning to take on added significance week by week.

    Following on from last week's show—which featured some huge returns, including Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker—the pressure is on for the WWE to deliver another solid show.

    With the show taking place in Chicago, there is likely to be a huge backlash to the situation regarding CM Punk—although the latest developments seem to suggest we are in for a surprise tonight.

    Aside from Punk, we should likely see more solid work put in place for the upcoming WrestleMania show—with plenty of rivalries beginning to take shape.

    Let's take a look at what to expect from Raw this week.

Batista to Utilize His Heel Turn

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    It was teased on Raw last week, but Batista finally confirmed his heel turn on SmackDown—when he cut a promo on the crowd in attendance.

    It simply had to happen—the crowd reaction to Batista's return has certainly been less than favorable. What it does do is pose an interesting scenario regarding his match with Randy Orton.

    The idea is usually to have a good guy take on a bad guy—particularly when it comes to the main event of WrestleMania. That won't be happening this time, though—Randy Orton is still very much a heel.

    Hopefully we see things jump up a notch with Orton and Batista now. Their pure hatred for each other should come to the fore, especially with Batista unleashing his true heel character.

    Expect more promo work from Batista on Raw—and hopefully an interesting new twist to this pretty stale rivalry.

The Shield to Keep on Teasing

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The constantly changing drama that is The Shield took another interesting turn last week. Dean Ambrose was being questioned over his disappearance at the Elimination Chamber—when Roman Reigns became a victim of the numbers game.

    However, he did manage to make the save for Reigns and Seth Rollins this past week on Raw—but things seem tense, to say the least.

    It will be interesting to follow this story right through to WrestleMania—as there are a whole host of ways it could pan out.

    In all honesty, you can't really give a weekly prediction for what The Shield could do on Raw. But one thing is for certain—we will no doubt continue to see some teases regarding a potential split.

Some Vintage Brock Lesnar Rage

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    Credit: WWE.com

    In all honesty, Brock Lesnar is at his absolute best when he's angry.

    His return last week was a little timid—until The Undertaker emerged. The fact that the show closed with Lesnar crumpled underneath a table suggests we are going to get a big response this week.

    After all, Lesnar and Paul Heyman do not like to be shown up. You would anticipate Lesnar could do his party trick—interrupt another match and cause absolute mayhem.

    Or perhaps he will simply respond to Taker's actions with a promo. Whatever occurs, though, you know Brock Lesnar is going to be ready to rip somebody in half on Raw this week.

Chicago's Favorite Son to Show Up

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    Credit: WWE.com

    He's back.

    At least, that is what the rumor is. According to F4WOnline.com (h/t Daniel Pena at WrestlingInc.com), CM Punk will indeed be ending his exile from the WWE tonight when he returns to Raw.

    It turns out that it could well have been a huge work all along, and Punk is still very much with the WWE. The timing couldn't be more perfect.

    It has obviously been done this way, of course. CM Punk, the WWE and Chicago have previous experience, after all—Money in the Bank 2011 being the prime example.

    If Punk does show up at Raw tonight—with all the heat suggesting he will—expect a thunderous reaction from what will be a partisan Chicago crowd.

    Will we get another "pipebomb"? And who will Punk be targeting with WrestleMania rapidly approaching? It promises to be hugely controversial, that is for sure.

Daniel Bryan and Triple H to Jump Things Up a Notch

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    Credit: WWE.com

    There was an interesting confrontation last week backstage, when Daniel Bryan finally confronted Triple H over their differences.

    Bryan even proposed that he fight Triple H at WrestleMania—but "The Game" seemed to completely ignore that. Fast forward to later in the show, and Bryan was knocking off Kane with relative ease.

    We should expect the Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H feud to go an extra step further this week on Raw. It has been building for a fair while now, and it looks like it is the path down which Bryan is headed.

    Whether Triple H will cost Bryan a match or the leader of the "YES movement" will finally let his emotions get the better of him remains to be seen.

    However, it is just another fascinating aspect of what looks like a good show.