Top 10 Reasons to Love The NFL Draft

Eric FisherCorrespondent IApril 25, 2008

1. You like to have a reason to veg out and follow something intensely. Go ahead, tell me you don't.

2. You've been projecting your team's first round pick since the combine too, and you KNOW you want to see if you were right.

3. The first guy to get a hat and jersey from your team, for better or worse, will change the next 5-10 years for the franchise.

4. You don't root for the Browns and your team has a pick before Round 4 this year.

5. The 10 minutes between each 1st round selection make it long enough for you to eat and drink a lot.

6. Chris Berman for upwards of 4 hours? Yes Please!

7. Laughing at the teams who blow it ( I'm looking at you Minnesota Vikings. Remember.. the clock to make a selection is only 10 this year! And you Detroit, I dare you to draft another WR. Come on, Matt Millen, those first round selections make guys look at each other with a look that reads something along the lines of "wow. that just... sucked. It sucked hard. Hard!" And those arent even Lions fans!)

8. The Raiders, Cowboys, and Patriots trading up and/or down and screwing up EVERYTHING

9. You don't have to listen to Todd McShay or Mel Kiper Jr telling you the same things for 2 months until next February!

10. Peyton Manning- #1 overall, 1998 NFL Draft

      Ryan Leaf-#2 overall, 1998 NFL Draft

      Which path will your team's pick take?


We all wanna know and that's why we watch. (Plus, you know, the relaxing, friendship, food and drink. But mostly the team destiny thing.) Enjoy it everybody.