Baron Davis Chills with Yao Ming and Warriors Owner in Hilarious Comeback Video

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 28, 2014

We hate to see you out of the league, Baron Davis, but we sure love to see your constant pursuit to regain entry. 

The former NBA star is back with another video highlighting his NBA comeback. Of course, as many have been wont to do, it's important to throw some quotation marks around the word "comeback" because this is more comedic Inside the NBA skit than real-life documentary. 

For the third installment of hilarity, the 34-year-old who last played for the New York Knicks practices his Chinese and heads off to see a familiar face: Yao Ming

Yao suggests that Davis should think about playing in China, perhaps for the former NBA big man's team, the Shanghai Sharks. The only downside to the meeting is Yao, contrary to our beliefs, doesn't always have a cuddly panda nearby. 

From there, Davis heads off to meet with Golden State Warriors co-owner Peter Guber. Unfortunately, he just isn't the man to see about getting back into the NBA with Golden State, a team Davis played with from 2004 to 2008.  

Guber states that Davis is going to have to get used to hearing the word "no." And that's when we get the best part of the video.

Davis explains, "You know I kind of live off noes. I eat noes for breakfast. In my Alpha-Bits cereal I go for all the noes. I throw out all the other Alpha-Bits and I eat noes. I let a no know that I'm going to eat you."

For those uninitiated, this is the third part of an ongoing series premiering on TNT's Inside the NBA. Here is the first in what are some fine episodes: 

Bleacher Report's Stephen Babb then broke down the second episode of Davis on the comeback trail, one that features a hilarious moment when Davis is dissed outside Kenny Smith's party. 

As Babb states, Davis is spending a lot of time in the spotlight. "Beginning in November, Davis hosted a new six-part, fashion-oriented series called How I Rock It for the Esquire Network, blazing a trail for ex-NBA stars to broaden their horizons while staying in the public eye."

Thankfully, this isn't the last we will see of Davis. That might not be in the form of the guard tearing up an NBA court and leading a prolific offense, but that's just fine. 

We rather like this new Davis, one that has no problem poking fun at his retirement or inability to hobnob with some TNT superstars. The popular show has a new hit, one we assume fans will demand to see more of. 

Davis may be out of the league, but he remains just as entertaining.


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