College Football Jerseys Redesigned by Mr. Design Junkie

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistFebruary 28, 2014


College football teams battle every year to create the coolest jerseys, and maybe they should think about using some radical designs.


Not too long ago, we saw Mr. Design Junkie give NFL teams a makeover. He also took the time to design new jerseys for some of the bigger college football programs.

Florida State, please make these happen:

The Miami Hurricanes have a few options:

If Ohio State ever went away from its traditional look, these uniforms would be a great choice for the Buckeyes:

Boise State's may be the wildest of the bunch: 

Notice Oregon isn't on the list. That's probably a smart move, considering the Ducks don't need a makeover.

[Mr. Design Junkie, h/t BroBible]