Shoeless Man Rejects Free Flip-Flops Because of Chargers Logo

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistFebruary 28, 2014

SAN DIEGO, CA - A small memorial for NFL legend Junior Seau rest at the foot of a flag pole flying the San Diego Chargers flag at half staff in front of the San Diego Chargers Practice Facitilty on May 3, 2012 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Kent C. Horner/Getty Images)
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Sports can make people do silly things.

The Press Democrat's Chris Smith wrote about a great story that has an awesome ending.

When Santa Rosa (near San Francisco, Calif.) restaurateur Stephen Felando, who is a San Diego Chargers fan, saw a shoeless man outside of his Joey's Pizza, he decided to try to help the man out. First, he treated the man to sandwiches and salads.

After eating, the man told Felando, "I’m headed to Mars and today I’ve got to get over Calistoga Mountain."

That's when Felando noticed that the man was wearing very thin socks without any shoes, which led to him asking, "How are [you] going to get over Calistoga Mountain without shoes?"

The homeless man said that he'd be able to manage without shoes, but Felando wanted to give the man the flip-flops off his feet. It was a kind gesture, but there was an issue with the flip-flops. 

(via The Press Democrat)

“Are these Chargers flip-flops?” the man asked.

Felando confirmed that they did indeed have the Chargers logo on them.

“I’m good,” the man replied before walking away in his socks.

The man's actions left Felando thinking, “Wow, a new low as a Chargers fan!”

Good for the shoeless man. Many people would have accepted the flip-flops regardless of what was on them, but sports fans have their limits.

It would be unforgivable for one to wear a rival team's logo. Even if the clothes or shoes would be helpful, never wear a rival's gear.  

Felando wanted to help someone out, but sports fans stick to their beliefs.