Randy Orton: Portraying a Coward-Like Heel Is Essential to His Character

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIJune 12, 2009

I've heard a lot of people speak out recently in regards to the WWE booking Randy Orton as too weak for his character. While I disagree with him losing to people of inferior capabilities, I see no issue with his portrayal of the cowardly heel.

As a matter of fact, that coward-like behavior is absolutely essential to his character and one of the reasons I've grown to like Orton so much.

That might sound strange to some people, but hear me out first.

Myself and fellow Ortonites world-wide all know that Randy Orton is the greatest competitor in professional wrestling, bar none.

He possesses the perfect combination of intellectual ration, psychological instability, and physical dominance.

Thus, many of his followers take issue with him being portrayed in a weak fashion because a character of his caliber should have little trouble disposing of the people he works with.

But in the interest of fairness, every WWE Superstar (even Randy Orton) has to get his comeuppance every now and then.

If he dominated week in and week out, we'd just get a more sophisticated and better polished version of the old John Cena and not even I want to see that.

So while it might be quite unrealistic to see him even scratched by the likes of Ric Flair, you have to view the product by suspending your disbelief in certain instances.

Perhaps a seemingly more legitimate issue fans have been having is with the way his character behaves and reacts to certain situations.

Hiding behind Legacy, having them be the first line of defense, and his repeated refusal to ever confront anyone face-to-face when called out (with rare exceptions) are issues that come to mind.

Yet in my opinion, those are all characteristics of an intelligent man.

Let's face it, there are different rules that apply to the WWE Universe than real-life.

Most men would confront an opponent face to face due to issues of pride.

Randy Orton's pride resonates with the value he places in his intellectual superiority. Orton knows that it would almost never be beneficial to confront someone face to face.

Why would he?

To prove a point?

To show he's not afraid?

Instead, Orton attacks his prey when it is most convenient for him, not when it's most convenient for them.

Facing another Superstar when they would be expecting an attack and are prepared to defend themselves is a much poorer set of circumstances than it would be to face them when they least expect it, their guard's down, and you're in perfect position to dispose of them within a matter of seconds.

What, are Orton's opponents going to compete at a higher level just because he attacked them when they least expected it?

If that belief had any degree of truth to it, the other WWE Superstars should be ashamed of not going 100 percent all of the time, or for the fact that they take it easier on men who confront them at their request.

In the WWE Universe, there is no such things as "assault" or a legal right of "self-defense".

So with that being said, there would be no advantage to getting your opponent to swing first when you can just mercilessly beat them beyond recognition whenever you see fit.

Orton has reached his greatest plateaus due to the calculated ways he conducts himself.

Such cowardly behavior is to his benefit and his opponents disadvantage.

The only repercussion would be his public-reputation which he cares nothing for so long as he remains more successful than his peers.

If Orton were to suddenly become a hot-head like Batista and start calling people out and meeting them face-to-face to settle his differences, he's be all the less intelligent for it.

Kudos to Randy Orton for being smarter than the rest of us.

Note: I am fully aware that the WWE is scripted and am referring to the character Randy Orton portrays on television. Just for the benefit of those who might have felt I was speaking literally.