An Imaginary Canuck's Roster

Junior NelsonCorrespondent IJune 12, 2009

OTTAWA, ON - JUNE 21: Mike Gillis of the Vancouver Canucks photographed during the 2008 NHL Entry Draft at Scotiabank Place on June 21, 2008 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Dany Heatley has demanded a trade to Vancouver! Hurray!

In the excitement, Mike Gillis trades Kesler and Raymond to Ottawa. He quickly re-signs the Sedins who announce they like Burrows. In a panic he phones Demitra to see if he can center Heatley.

"Oh, sure! He is like second coming of Pyatt, same type of player."

But Gillis, the wily former agent is not convinced his former client has his stick on the ice. When Tampa Bay calls, Gillis throws all in and trades Luongo for Lecavilier.

Shaken, he phones the farm team, seeking reassurance.

"Sure, Schnieder can play, Bolduc,too."

Gillis knows what the old warrior Arniel isn't saying. He pencils McIver and Hodgeson in anyway. Checking his math Gillis trades away Demitra for pucks (or buys him out).

What would that look like?

Sedin, Sedin, Burrows

Heatly, Lecavilier, Bernier

Wellwood, Hodgeson, Hansen

Hordichuk, Johnston, Rypien

Bieksa, Mitchel

Salo, O'Brien

Edler, McIver



If the Sedins' cap hit is five each, this roster comes in at $57 million. Is it wise?

I always think you start with the goalie. Is Schnieder ready? He looks good in the AHL. There is really only one way to see. If he is not, then all is lost.

A team like this should be high scoring and LaBarbera isn't bad, but the Canucks would be putting ALL thier eggs in one basket. At worst, LaBarbera becomes the starter and Schnieder's season is ruined like Price.

There is also the risk of ruining Hodgeson. He is a very little guy. I expect a game against Calgary would leave him in pieces. Also, importantly, the D wouldn't be any quicker.

So, could it work? It's too risky, I think, at least until we see Schnieder and Hodgeson play regularly.