LeBron James Shares a Rap with Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show'

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With aspirations of becoming a billionaire, Miami Heat superstar LeBron James understands the importance of a diverse portfolio.

Basketball has treated him well, but there's only so much money available on the hardwood.

Thinking outside the box is a must, and the King joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show to present some new tricks in his arsenal: wastepaper basketball and rapping.

With Kurtis Blow's classic "Basketball" supplying the beat and Fallon bringing his own bars to the song, this seems like a step up the billionaire ladder.

Naturally, James dominates the office classic. He hits everything in sight, holding impromptu dunk contests and even tossing up an alley-oop for Fallon.

Other than the fact that James was not wearing his superhero mask, it didn't look all that different from his 31-point effort during Miami's 108-82 thrashing of the New York Knicks on Thursday.

So, does James have a future in office Olympics? As long as someone creates them, I suppose.

"James shows that he’s ready to be considered for the 'Wastepaper Basketball' Mount Rushmore," writes Cindy Boren of The Washington Post.

The same can't be said for Fallon, though.

He crumples like the paper he's shooting after challenging James to a quick game of one-on-one, missing everything on a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar-esque skyhook and then coming up short on a slam-dunk attempt.

Meanwhile, James uses the IT guy's head as a backboard and quickly puts the contest to bed.

Of course, James didn't see just an easy win—he saw an opportunity. He saw someone he could mold into a star, a wastebasket hooper he could push to a higher level than that player could have reached on his own.

In other words, James had a flashback to his days with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Shortly thereafter, Fallon found respectability, slamming down a setup from James.

Whether he's on the floor, in the office or even in the booth, the King just doesn't have a selfish bone in his body.

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