Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H Should Be WrestleMania 30's Semi-Main Event

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistFebruary 28, 2014

Daniel Bryan and Triple H
Daniel Bryan and Triple Hcredit: wwe.com

Daniel Bryan confronted Triple H on the February 24 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw. Bryan was furious over the events of Elimination Chamber, in which he once again came up short for the company's top championship.  And while nothing has been made official for a match between Bryan and The Game at WrestleMania, the truth is that fans will likely see that happen.

And for many fans, there is only one spot on the card for this match.  That spot is the semi-main event.

As of right now, there are only two possibilities for the headlining match at Mania.  The first is Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar and the second is of course Batista versus Randy Orton for the WWE World Championship.  Both matches have their merits and both matches deserve the right to be in that prime spotlight.

But for many of the WWE faithful, Daniel Bryan versus Triple H is the match that should be the semi-main event.  There's no title involved and so far there are no special stipulations attached but it's important all the same.

The reason for that lies in the storyline that has been dominating the company since the night after SummerSlam last year.

It was on August 19, 2013 when Triple H and Stephanie McMahon formed what came to be known as The Authority.  The Authority was joined by Vince McMahon himself in applauding Randy Orton as the new face of WWE.  Orton's win over Daniel Bryan the night before may have been controversial, but Randy was the champ nonetheless.

But the celebration was short lived, as Daniel made his presence known.  He put WWE's ruling class on notice that night; he would not back down and he would not stop until he had the gold around his waist. 

Since that night, it has been Daniel Bryan versus the world.  The Authority has done everything in their power to stop Bryan's forward progress and they have been very successful in their efforts.  They have used The Shield and even The Big Show early on as weapons against Daniel.  

Now they are using their Director of Operations Kane as the newest gun against Daniel. The former Team Hell No members have been at each other's throats for several weeks now, and Bryan finally conquered The Big Red Machine on the February 24 edition of Raw.

Bryan pins Kane on Raw
Bryan pins Kane on Rawcredit: wwe.com

Bryan's frustrations are evident.  He is tired of playing games, and now he's ready to take on one of the biggest names in WWE history.  Daniel is ready for Triple H.

Considering the amount of attention this angle has received since last year and the raw emotion it has brought out in fans, this match between Daniel and Hunter must be in a prominent spot on the Mania card.  Fans desperately want to see Bryan win and a victory over Triple H would certainly suffice until the WWE World Championship is brought back into the equation.

The main reason why this match should be featured as the semi-main event has to do with Daniel's pop. The live crowds love the "yes" chants, they have supported him through the worst of times and at this point, Daniel can quite simply do no wrong.

The WWE faithful love Daniel Bryan and they want to see him in the ring.

It's because of their love for him that Bryan would be able to pull the WrestleMania crowd back into the moment.  The truth is that Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar will likely not be the main event, but it will contain so much drama due to Taker's streak, that it probably should not be the semi-main event.  

Undertaker and Brock Lesnar
Undertaker and Brock Lesnarcredit: wwe.com

Taking fans through a very physical, very vicious fight that will certainly transpire between The Deadman and The Beast, will require a follow-up match that can maintain the momentum.  And for many fans, that follow-up should not be Batista versus Orton.

The fact is that it all goes back to Daniel.  He is the one that fans want to see in the WWE World title match. The road that he has been on since SummerSlam is one that should lead to the top and WrestleMania 30 could have been the end of that road.

To imagine Orton and Batista carrying the momentum from Undertaker versus Brock and perhaps even increasing it seems highly unlikely.  A good number of WWE fans just do not want to see that match.

But the moment that Daniel Bryan hits the ramp, the New Orleans crowd will explode.  He will bring the fans to their feet and they will likely stay there for a good portion of his match with Triple H.  For anyone that has supported him through his war with The Authority, the desire to see him defeat The Game on the WrestleMania stage must certainly be great.

Daniel Bryan has worked very hard through 2013 to this point in order to entertain the fans.  They deserve to see him shine at WrestleMania and he deserves to have his moment right next to the main event.