Video: Roman Zozulya Sent off for Head-Butting Tottenham's Jan Vertonghen

BR-UK StaffFeatured Columnist IVFebruary 27, 2014

Tottenham and Dnipro's Europa League clash was turned on its head when Dnipro goalscorer Roman Zozulya was controversially red-carded for an incident with Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen

As Spurs lined up a set piece, Vertonghen and Zozulya were tussling for the same space. Zozulya apparently head-butted the Spurs man and was unmercifully sent off for the offence. 

Vertongen, who made the most of it, rolled around on the pitch in agony. As soon as Zozulya saw red, he went after Vertonghen but was restrained by Emmanuel Adebayor. 


Where's the incentive not to dive... or pretend you've been head-butted when you haven't been? Cheating pays.

— Scott (@R_o_M) February 27, 2014



That was shameful from Vertonghen.

— Jerrad Peters (@jerradpeters) February 27, 2014

We've slowed down the Jan Vertonghen-Roman Zozulya incident that led to Zozulya's sendoff. Thoughts welcome.

— Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) February 27, 2014

Dnipro played the remainder of the match with 10 men and Tottenham scored twice after the incident to knock the Ukrainian side out of the Europa League.