America Needs to Embrace the Beautful Game, the Game of the World: Soccer

patContributor IApril 25, 2008

this is for all u misinformed people who think soccer should not be an american sport

u think that real football is played with the hands. u think football is really played in 10 pounds of pads and helmets. u think real football has 2 hours of rest for every hour of play. u think real football is played by 350 pound men who suck oxygen on the sideline because they're out of shape.

well if u think that, you're wrong

first, real football is played with the feet. second, real football is played for 95 minutes at a time, with a ten minute break in the middle. third, the realfootball is played with about 1.6 ounces of padding. thats what we call a shinguard. but if somebody happens to take a swing at that shinguard, you'll find to your dismay u will not only have a broken tibia, you'll be out of a 25$ piece of plastic and foam. finally, the real football is played by over 3 billion people on Earth.

americana want superstars for their sports. no professional players in europe will come here during their prime so they can play for a crappy mls team. beckham is in the twilight of his career, and he plays for 50$ a year. thats a lot of money. u want some stars for growing soccer in america, just look in your back yard. my friend abe is the best goalie ive ever seen, and hes like 5 foot nothing. sorry abe. u might have to weigh 8000 pounds to play football or baseball (dont get me started on how retarded people look while swinging a stick) or be 10 feet tall to play basketball. the best ever, maradona, was 5 foot 6 inches and weighed in at about 165. not particularly fast either, but definitely the best.

so americans, go ahead, keep thinking that your sports are just fine and great. but until u realize that futbol is the greatest sport ever to grace our planet with is presence, u are just living in ignorance.