This Just In: Tennessee Defeats Alabama in 2005!

Joel BarkerSenior Writer IJune 11, 2009

What an awful game it was. Tennessee did nothing on offense all day long. The Vols did get close once, but the ball was fumbled out of the back of the end zone and given to Alabama at their 20, where they started the game continuing drive.

I could have sworn I saw Alabama sophomore kicker, Jamie Christensen knock it solid through the goalposts for the 6-3 victory, but according to what I'm hearing today, just four years later, I didn't see what I thought I saw!

Fine with me! I'm throwing a Rocky Top Party because of it right now! We beat Bama! Woohoo!!!

Somehow, it's just not the same. But it is something I should get used to. This is not the first time an Alabama vs. Tennessee game has been ruled in Tennessee's favor after the fact.

You see, apparently in good ole' Bama they don't know how to keep a player from doing something so stupid or illegal that would keep them in the win column!

I'll never forget that great game in 1993 at Birmingham, when Tennessee was up 17-15 and Bama RB, David Palmer scampered around the end for the game-tying two-point conversion. That game ended 17-17, as it was before overtime was instituted in the NCAA.

A few years later, however, I was told that we won that game since Bama DB, Antonio Langham had been dealing with an agent for most of that season.

Tennessee started completely dominating Bama in 1995, so when the Tide were slammed yet again by the NCAA in 2002, I didn't have to worry about having anything forfeited back to UT, because we took care of it on the field.

Heck, that probation came within a hairsbreadth of completely destroying Alabama's football program.

Yes, sir, that one almost got them the dreaded NCAA Death Penalty.

So now we see yet another story in the long line of embarrassment and cheating at the University of Alabama. The Bear must be rolling over in his grave. Or not. Since he started the culture of cheating at Alabama some 40 years ago.

It's been everything from rogue boosters, to agents, to disgraced coaches, and now  student athletes using their scholarships to steal money from the University and by doing so the State of Alabama.

Yep, they stole from the State, Bama fans! What do you think about that? They took money that could have went to fixing those gosh-awful paths that you call roads in that pitiful state!

They took the money that goes for those big speakers y'all have on the light poles that let people know when to get out of the rain!

That money could have went for something like new books in that library y'all have there at the University! Lord knows every book you have in that place has already been colored in! It's about time you get some new one's!

But no, these guys couldn't leave well enough alone.

I'm sure it's okay though. I'm sure there are a few boosters out there who would foot the bill for some new crayons, coloring books, or cornerbacks.

I'm sure there are some agents out there ready to sign someone up to the department of transportation team to fix them 'thar roads.

Well, for all the fun I love to have at Alabama's expense, I must say they got off rather easy on this one. I mean forfeiting a few games is such a small price to pay for actually winning the game on the field.

After all, there is no price too high for winning in Alabama. Just ask Nick Saban. He can give you four-million reasons why that's true.

To the Crimson Tide's credit it looks like that $4 million is going toward more than just a coach. It's going toward a man who is trying to keep the program clean--we think.

But that's just it. We'll never have the luxury of doing anything more than guessing if Alabama football is on the up and up.

We'll never really know who's paying whom, who's cheating the state, or who's covering it all up. That's just the culture of Alabama Football.

Hey Bama, stay true to yourselves. At least you win the games on the field (with illegal players). It's a lot more fun that way, for us at least.