15 Insane Buzzer-Beaters Worth Watching Over and Over

Sean Evans@@seanseaevansContributor IIIMarch 2, 2014

15 Insane Buzzer-Beaters Worth Watching Over and Over

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    The most exciting plays in sports occur in the waning seconds. Whether it's a Hail Mary pass, a walk-off home run or, in the case of this list, a desperate shot at the buzzer, many a spilled beer can be traced back to a game's wonderfully dramatic capstone.

    Today, we explore the buzzer-beater, the leading cause of overturned coffee tables and reactionary screams in this country.

    For a buzzer-beater to qualify as one you should see over and over again, it has to be one that you haven't seen a billion times already. So, while Derek Fisher's game-winner with .4 seconds remaining in 2004 and Christian Laettner's "The Shot" are iconic buzzer-beaters, clips that have been played ad nauseam will not appear in this slideshow. You're welcome.

    You will, however, see plenty of shots that will make you jump off of your couch and hurricane-kick a house plant on its side out of excitement.

    An exploration of insane buzzer-beaters begins in 3...2...1...

Easton Gamoke's Full-Court Overtime Winner

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    LocationHolmen, Wis.

    Date: Jan. 2014

    In the final second of a 44-44 tie, 13-year-old Easton Gamoke fired up a shot that looked more like Doug Flutie's "Miracle in Miami," and the result was similarly magical. 

Maryland Eighth Grader Hits Incredible Shot

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    LocationDavis, Md.

    Date: Jan. 2013

    Matt Demember has an unorthodox shooting style, but you can't argue with the results. In this clip, Demember fires a no-look shot over his head at the buzzer.

    While his team ultimately lost the game, Demember and his miracle shot made an appearance on SportsCenter's Top 10 plays.

Fan Hits Buzzer-Beaters, Wins Caribbean Vacation

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    Location: Louisville, Ky.

    Date: Jan. 2013

    Bellarmine University student Casey Saulman needed to hit a layup, a free throw, a three-pointer and a half-court shot to win a Caribbean vacation. 

    Oh, and he only had 30 seconds to complete his challenge.

    After sinking his second free-throw attempt, Saulman drilled a three-pointer on the first try and sprinted to the half-court line to finish things.

    With time running out, he hit nothing but net from 47 feet away from the hoop.

Mitchel's Miracle

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    Location: Pomona, Calif.

    Date: Feb. 2012

    The end of this game was absolutely bananas, with three insane shots in the final nine seconds. 

    As time expired, Mitchel Anderson sunk a desperate shot to give Cal Poly Pomona a win over Cal State Dominguez Hills. 

    Clear all open containers off of your coffee table or desk before watching this clip. This kind of ending can make your body's appendages swing violently and uncontrollably. 

Chase Spreen for the Win

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    Location: Columbia, Ky.

    Date: Jan. 2012

    The greatest thing about the buzzer-beater is the absolute pandemonium it triggers in the stands and in the press box.

    When Chase Spreen hits this 80-footer to give Georgetown College a win over Lindsey Wilson, the announcer reacts with the enthusiasm of a 13-year-old girl who just made eye contact with Harry Styles at a One Direction concert.

    This guy has a broadcasting style that makes Gus Johnson look like Scott Pelley.

Basketball's Version of the Hail Mary

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    Location: New Albany, Ind.

    Date: Dec. 2007

    With what appears to be about 200 people in attendance, this amazing buzzer-beater doesn't get the real-time audience that it deserves.

    Thanks to the Internet and YouTube, however, this insane shot finally has a worthwhile platform, and it's a lot more exciting than "Charlie Bit Me!"

    A shoutout to the cameraperson on this one. You did a flawless job of tracking the ball.

High School Player Sinks Insane Circus Shot

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    Location: Camden, Ohio

    Date: Nov. 2013

    In this clip, a high school basketball player closes out a quarter by tossing up a ridiculous no-look shot over his head.

    This dude's campaign for prom king begins now.

'And It's Good!'

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    Location: Sacramento, Calif.

    Date: Jan. 2014

    This clip begins with the announcer saying, "This is insane," which is a totally appropriate precursor to the chaos that ensues.

    Weber State's Davion Berry hits a three-pointer with only one second remaining, tying the game 75-75.

    With the game seemingly destined for a second overtime, Sacramento State's Dylan Garrity launches a shot at the buzzer.  

Bedlam at a High School Girls Basketball Game

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    Location: Oak Lawn, Ill

    Date: Feb. 2014

    Great buzzer-beaters don't have to be graceful or fundamentally sound. In fact, they look best when the shooter just chucks the ball toward the backboard like an outfielder trying to hit a cutoff man.

    In this clip, a high school basketball player makes a Sammy Sosa-like throw to the rim and nails her runner at home plate.

A Desperate Heave at the Buzzer

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    LocationAlameda, Calif.

    Date: Jan. 2014

    With his team trailing by three with one second to go, St. Joseph Notre Dame's Temidayo Yussuf nailed an incredibly unlikely shot that traveled the full length of the court.

    St. Joseph Notre Dame eventually lost to El Cerrito in overtime, but it's hard to tarnish the magnificence of this moment.

Middle Schooler Drains Ridiculous Shot

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    LocationMt. Pleasant, S.C.

    Date: Jan. 2014 

    Shame on the referee for waving this shot off, even though it appears to have been released a tick after the buzzer.

    When a kid in junior high does a whirling dervish junior sky-hook from the three-point line, you put those points on the board.

    Nice shot, little man.

Tay'Von Emory's Desperate Heave

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    Location: Salisbury, Md.

    Date: Feb. 2014

    With less than a second remaining and his team down 54-51, Easton High's Tay'Von Emory caught an inbounds pass and let the ball fly just before time expired.

    The ball sailed through the net at the buzzer, sending the game to overtime.

    Ultimately, Easton High defeated Stephen Decatur High, 64-61.

'And It's Good! Oh My God!'

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    LocationLouisville, Ky.

    Date: Feb. 2014

    The only thing more entertaining than a game-winning buzzer-beater is a passionate announcer going hog wild with excitement.

    Spalding University's Will Barber drilled a 60-foot shot with less than a second remaining, turning the press box into drunken after-hours on Bourbon Street. 

    This is why there should be a one-Red Bull maximum for broadcasters.

Mason Instantly Becomes the Coolest Kid in School

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    LocationDubuque, Iowa

    Date: Feb. 2013

    After seeing his team lose the lead when an opponent sinks two clutch free throws, an exasperated Mason puts his hands on his head in frustration.

    Thankfully, he quickly recovers to sink a buzzer-beater for the ages.

    This guy will never have to pay for a juice box in Dubuque, Iowa, again.

Khalil Edney's 'The Shot'

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    LocationWhite Plains, N.Y.

    Date: March 2013

    When you think about all that had to happen to make this buzzer-beater possible, its existence is an absolute miracle. 

    In the final seconds of a New York State Section I-AA basketball championship game, a Mount Vernon player intercepts an inbounds pass, effectually ending the contest.

    However, the player haphazardly throws the ball in the air instead of taking a foul or bleeding out the clock. New Rochelle’s Khalil Edney steals the arrant pass and drains a 55-foot shot at the horn.

    If you can find a crazier end to a basketball game, please leave a link in the comments.