A Few Good Thoughts About Alabama Football in '09

Heath McGuffCorrespondent IJune 12, 2009

The whole Alabama book scandal has Bama fans in a tight situation with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Is it only me, or does it seem like every time Alabama reaches national prominence they always fall back down the ladder twice as fast as it took to climb it?

If the charges are true, though, I think the NCAA has actually served Alabama with the correct punishment—with the exception of taking away the wins. Let's not forget this involves all Alabama athletics, not just football!

This whole situation has got me angry, tired, and even more upset with Mal Moore than I usually would be.

I have seen numerous articles about Alabama has cheated again, and they all deal with football. What about the great softball team we have had in the past three years? I know some of the players on the softball team had to be in on this whole deal.

So with all that said, I would like to share with Alabama fans a few things that make me excited about the Crimson Tide in '09.


1. Terrance Cody

I would hope all Alabama fans know Terrance Cody by "Mount" Cody. This nickname describes him well. He is a massive D-lineman with great foot work and agility. He can plug many running lanes and often takes two men to make a successful block on him. I look for Cody to make a big impact on the Alabama defense in '09.


2. Rolando McClain

Another very talented defensive player for the Tide—and one that can change a game in a heartbeat. McClain is a guy who can cover a wideout and stop a 200-lb. running back in his tracks.

McClain has proved to be a linebacker not many teams have a answer for. In this man's two-year career with the Tide, he has 169 tackles, 17 tackles for a loss, and three interceptions. It all starts with this man next year.


3. The 'Bama O-line

This is going to be where the Tide will have most of its problems. With great pass rushers like Greg Hardy (Ole Miss) and speedy linebackers like Brandon Spikes (Florida) I expect a lot of blitzes and disguises to trick this young 'Bama O-line.

As the season progresses, this will not be as much a problem as it will be early on in the season.


4. Mark Ingram and Trenton Richardson

Mark Ingram—what a great year he had in '08! He was a great counter back to Glen Coffee. As a freshman, Ingram had 728 yards rushing for a total of 12 touchdowns. Lets see if his momentum can carry over into the '09 season.

As for Richardson, he will have to do what Ingram did last year. He will need to play consistently—and when he gets his shot he will have to prove he is capable of playing college football.


5. Julio Jones and other receivers

Julio Jones is without a doubt the best offensive thereat Bama has coming into the '09 season. I know he will not disappoint this year. 

Jones proved last season he was capable of making big plays during crunch time. Also, I think with the departure of Nick Walker, another receiver must step up and help Julio carry this team.


6. The quarterback position

Greg McElroy will have to prove to me he will not try and thread the ball into a airtight zone before I put my faith in him. During the spring game, McElroy had many mental mistakes that made me question his ability to throw the ball.

I do see McElroy developing into a more consistent QB over the season. I would not be surprised to see Start Jackson in the mix either.


These are just a few things for 'Bama fans to think about. I hope the textbook scandal soon comes to a close and we can all settle back down and hope for the best next season.

The last thing I want to say to Alabama fans is Roll Tide Roll—and lets go whip Auburn's a**!!!


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