Sydney Leroux Whiffs 'Happy Gilmore' Shot, Completely Eats It

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterFebruary 27, 2014

Sydney Leroux

Grace and coordination are among Sydney Leroux’s many gifts, but both of these innate skills abandoned the U.S. women’s soccer star during a recent trip to the links.

The 23-year-old striker was recently fooling around the driving range when she decided to give Happy Gilmore’s trademark tee shot a try. The attempt ended in a graceless tumble to the ground, and thankfully, cameras were rolling.

Leroux posted a video of herself meeting the Earth to Vine, where it was spotted by Joe Kinsey of Busted Coverage

As you can see, Leroux starts her Happy swing a yard or so behind the ball. She has the driver clasped, she’s wearing tights and giving zero deference to the sport of golf. In other words, her form is perfect. 

Despite meticulously preparing for mayhem, the wheels roll off this shot much faster than anticipated. Leroux takes a step forward, catches her foot on a concrete lip and splat—she tumbles down onto the synthetic practice pad. 

Obviously, proper execution would’ve involved solid contact and a Titleist breaking the sound barrier.

GIF via NYDailyNews

Granted, being laid out next to the ball did offer Leroux the chance for another Happy Gilmore moment. 

Go home, ball. Don’t make Sydney try this again and twist a knee.


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