Jalen Rose and Avery Johnson Wore Ridiculous Jackets on 'NBA Countdown'

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterFebruary 27, 2014

Image via @CJ_Zero

Jalen...Avery...can you guys turn those jackets down? I’m trying to study.

Some might call them “loud,” but Jalen Rose and Avery Johnson’s jackets on ESPN’s NBA Countdown were screaming "bloody axe murder" on Wednesday night. 

The two analysts went retro for the broadcast, rocking full ‘70s attire for reasons we may never understand. 

Video of the high-volume outfits was uploaded to YouTube by gsports22, and for that much we’re thankful. Rose and Johnson fully committed to the vintage sports broadcaster/disco junkie look. Rose was practically asphyxiating himself in the name of fashion.

“I know one thing, I couldn’t have worn a choker chain back in the day,” Rose said. “It’s literally choking me.”

Obviously, everyone everywhere loved Rose and Johnson’s old-school, buddy-cop look.

Somewhere, Craig Sager’s tailor shed a single tear.


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