That Had to Hurt: Athletes with Black Eyes and Broken Noses

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistFebruary 27, 2014

That Had to Hurt: Athletes with Black Eyes and Broken Noses

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    I'm not sure if you've ever experienced a black eye or broken nose before, but as someone who has gotten a baseball to welt and a hockey stick to slice just under my left eye, it's not a great feeling.

    Getting a battle scar might help score the ladies, so maybe it's not all that bad, right?

    For athletes, getting damaged in the field of play is just part of the game, which is why I'm giving you a few who have endured both broken noses and very colorful eyes while doing their jobs.

Tomas Rosicky

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    As you'll see a few times in this piece, soccer players seem to get hurt a lot.

    In this case, Arsenal and Czech international midfielder Tomas Rosicky took the brunt of a hit to his face, off-setting his nose in a match just last month.

    Making matters worse for Rosicky is the mask he's forced to wear during training and, potentially, in games.

    Dude looks like a crime fighter in that thing.

Thomas Drouet

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    To all those parents out there, I really hope you don't follow in the footsteps of John Tomic, father of tennis player Bernard Tomic.

    That's because the elder Tomic attacked and headbutted his son's training partner, Thomas Drouet, last year during a practice session.

    As you can see by this photo, Drouet came up looking like, well, someone attacked and headbutted him.

Steve Nash

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    I'd think that playing any sport with an eye that has been bandaged over and swollen shut would be pretty difficult.

    And playing NBA point guard would be one of the toughest jobs with such an injury.

    That didn't stop future Hall of Famer Steve Nash back in 2010, though, as he was noticeably injured over his right eye after being popped by an elbow during a playoff game against the San Antonio Spurs.

John Mitchell

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    Watching this video, the commentators do a very good job of reminding us what makes John Mitchell of the Colorado Avalanche "a hockey player."

    Not only did he look like this after getting nailed with a puck in the face, but, as the announcer said, the dude took 10 stitches during that very game, and came back out to score a third period goal.

    Crazy, insane, nuts or all of the above? Oh right, "hockey player".

Marcin Gortat

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    I've already mentioned his former teammate on the Phoenix Suns, Steve Nash, but current Washington Wizards forward Marcin Gortat once broke his nose by running into the head of Nash.

    I'm still trying to decide if this is clumsiness on Gortat's part and he should in fact be made fun of?

    Since the guy himself can make light of the situation, why can't I—even if he did look like this following the injury.

Chris Robshaw

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    What a damn G!

    England rugby captain Chris Robshaw doesn't only take a brutal shot to the face that leaves him with a swollen shut eye, but he then shows up looking all GQ in a tux?

    If I could pull something like that shiner off, I'd try and stay as cool as possible, too—except, seeing more images of how it happened, I'd most likely be in the ER for a week trying to get better.

Bryce Harper

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    Although this video doesn't show the black eye that ultimately came Bryce Harper's way, it does prove that the Washington Nationals outfielder might want to be pull back on the aggression a bit.

    As the face of the Nats franchise, I'm sure the team doesn't want any lasting damage on that mug of his, so he might want to avoid ever getting as angry as he did a few seasons ago.

    Getting a black eye and bloodied for going all out is a good thing—but not when you do it to yourself by shattering a bat out of frustration.

Manu Ginobili

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    That's what Charles Barkley was probably yelling after seeing San Antonio Spurs player Manu Ginobili catch a Dirk Nowitzki elbow to his nose during a playoff game back in 2010.

    Manu already looks like Balki from the old TV show Perfect Strangers, and after seeing what happened to his nose, appeared to be a more beat up version of the actor.

Beram Kayal

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    Who says that soccer players don't take a beating?

    As one can see here, Celtic and Israel national team midfielder Beram Kayal looked as if he was a boxer rather than someone playing footy, ending up with a busted nose and bloodied face after taking a poor challenge in a friendly match a few years ago.

    Maybe it wasn't as bad as it appears—because it looks terrible.

J.J. Watt

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    It's one of the lasting—and most-intimidating—images from last year's NFL season.

    When Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt got his nose sliced open, it wasn't a huge deal. But as the wound kept opening and getting stitched up each week, it became warrior-like.

    It actually got to be so bad that the 2012 NFL Defensive Player of the Year was considering plastic surgery this offseason to clean it up a bit.

Vincent Kompany

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    As I mentioned in a previous slide, who says that soccer players are just a bunch of pansies running around on a pitch and kicking a ball?—this is coming from a former player, myself.

    I'd say that Manchester City and Belgium international team captain Vincent Kompany doesn't need to prove himself to anyone after this brutal collision in a match versus Serbia last summer.

    To think that Kompany continued to play after suffering a concussion, breaking his nose and a cracking his eye socket is nuts.

LeBron James

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    Not that anyone would ever question the toughness of LeBron James, but if there were any doubts about him at all, his recent injury should put those to rest.

    While going to the hoop against the Oklahoma City Thunder's Serge Ibaka, James doesn't just get smacked in the face, but he also finished the dunk mid-nose break.

    That has to hurt—Ibaka's ego as much as LeBron's bloody schnoz.

Brandon Vera

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    Let's be honest for a second here—I could have easily made a slideshow of hundreds of pictures featuring MMA fighters and boxers getting their faces nailed.

    But UFC fighter Brandon Vera's seemed so much worse than any other ones, following his fight with Thiago Silva, that I just needed to single him out specifically.

    For anyone considering a career in the Octagon, here's a very good reason to reconsider.

Tyler Hansbrough

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    I know that there are other college hoops rivalries around, but for my money, the North Carolina vs. Duke one is by far the most intense.

    Consistently competing against each other and separated by just eight miles, these two schools have had some intense showdowns.

    And there have been few more physical than in the game from 2007 when former player Gerald Henderson of Duke broke former Tar Heel Tyler Hansbrough's nose with an elbow, making blood gush as if it were a volcano erupting.

Darryl Boyce

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    It may not have looked like much when former Toronto Maple Leafs player Darryl Boyce went face first into the boards during a game in 2011, but don't be fooled, it was awful.

    How bad was it?

    Bad enough that apparently his nose nearly got sliced off, causing him one of the most gruesome injuries anyone has probably ever seen.

Ryan McGillivray

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    Want to know what it's like to be a UFC fighter?

    Take a look at this photo of Ryan McGillivray from a few years ago, proving that it's not necessarily a fun job all the time.

    This is one of the most brutal injuries I've ever seen on a person, and honestly, it makes me wonder if McGillivray was hit by a train rather than another human being.

Aaron Rowand

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    For any baseball players out there who want to make a highlight reel snag, l must remind you about the potential consequences from that play.

    Just take a look at what happened to MLB outfielder Aaron Rowand's face following this tremendous catch a few years ago.

    A great play? Yes.

    Worth it? That's debatable.

Ernst Joubert

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    It may not look that bad in this photo—thanks to some healing and reconstructive surgery, I'm sure—but if you check this picture out, you'll see exactly why rugby player Ernst Joubert falls as high as he does on my list.

    The sport of rugby is no joke, with beast-looking men going full-speed without pads, hitting each other with no mercy.

    A broken nose like this proves just that.

Marcus Williams

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    If you didn't know what a mangled face looks like, just take a peek at former NFL player Marcus Williams here.

    After his own teammate at the time—the uber intense Bill Romanowski—attacked him, Williams was left looking like this.

    Not surprisingly, the two went to court with Romanowski forced to pay for the damage he did to Williams' mug.

Andy Eichholz

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    With a nickname like "Ice Cold," I'm not sure if MMA fighter Andy Eichholz is referring to the amount of cubes it took for the swelling to go down on his nasty, broken nose, or if it's just supposed to give the impression that he'll knock his opponents out "ice cold?"

    Either way, after taking a shot from Wade Sauer earlier this year, Eichholz was left with his nostrils pointing East, when they're supposed to be facing South.

    Hope he didn't have a date the next day.