Lance Stephenson Poses with $1 Million in Cash in the Pacers Locker Room

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistFebruary 26, 2014

via Lance Stephenson's Instagram

It's a rare opportunity to see what $1 million in cash looks like in person. Luckily, professional athletes are there to give us a glimpse of a lifestyle most of us will never know.

According to's Scott Agness, the photo was taken inside the team's film room. 

Agness shared some information to help explain the picture: 

There [film room], they sat through a mandatory league meeting centered on financial education.

Managing their money is important and can’t be stressed enough. The players were instructed to always know where their money is going, and shown why hiring a business manager can be a huge help. Audits, what they are and what is needed, were also discussed.

Lance Stephenson, whose salary is worth just over $1 million after incentives, was the first player to post a photo posing with the $1 million in cash spread out over a table.

That last bit of information helps explain why Stephenson described the situation as "crazy."

[Lance Stephenson]