Parma Players Give Opponents Vacuums During Handshakes; Adorable Ensues

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 26, 2014

Those swell chaps over at Parma F.C. decided to hand out more than goodwill recently, instead reaching for some handy vacuums to dole out to their visiting counterparts, Fiorentina. 

Thanks to a report from ESPN FC's Chris Wright, we now know that it wasn't merely "Give a Handy Household Item to a Buddy" day. 

As (a fairly random) part of Parma's ongoing centenary celebrations this season, the Italian club's shirt sponsors Vorwerk had Antonio Cassano and co. hand out free vacuum cleaners to their Fiorentina counterparts during the pre-game handshakes before Monday evening's Serie A clash between the two sides.

OK, so it seems it was sort of a "Gift a Vacuum" day at the stadium, but it comes in tandem with the club celebrating 100 years in existence. 

The club provided a star-studded festivity back in October and donned some amazing-looking kits in August. 

Now they are giving away vacuums, although we are going to assume that a great many of these get re-gifted at Fiorentina's next fixture: 

Quite perfectly the game ended in a draw, 2-2. Nobody won or lost. However, one team went home to destroy the scourge that is untidy floors. 

The best part about the video is the look from the other players, who are almost saying, "Great, now I have to hold this thing?"

It's really the only face that is made the second you are given a vacuum as a gift, which is similar to the mug you flash when you got socks as a child. 

The upside, of course, is that these are, as Wright states, "Vorwerk Folletto VR100 robotic hoovers" we are talking about. So they come with the added advantage of freaking out the cat while you sip on a beer and allow a robot to clean. 

Metro spotted a quote from Parma chief executive Pietro Leonardi, who stated, "It is an unusual way to celebrate the first century of our team, we are sure." 


We now look forward to Parma continuing the festivities with mops, brooms, glass cleaner and discount coupons to a really killer maid service. 

There is also the obvious worry that every other team will now come to the handshake with hands out, not for their opponent's hand but for the best in robotic vacuum cleaning technology. It's a slippery slope, Parma. Enjoy the ride. 


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