Debate: What Should Harbaugh's Contract Look Like?

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Debate: What Should Harbaugh's Contract Look Like?
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Jim Harbaugh has made it known that he wants a raise.  What should his contract look like? He received a 5-year, $25M contract originally.


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7.5 million per for the next 3 seasons and 1.0 million more for each SuperBowl win, so 7.5 in 2014 if the 49ers win it all jumps to 8.5 in 2015 and th...
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Ok let's look at this, Harbaugh went to the NFC Championship in his first three years and a SB as head coach, but yes we didn't win it all but I say g...
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I agree.. That sounds good. We need Harbaugh not the GM. New contract should include more personnel power also.
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Mr. York, my advice is the pay Jim Harbaugh. All of your fans love his passion and desire to win. The 49ers need the fans and season holders, especia...
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Give harbaugh what he deserves he's taken a team that didn't reach the playoffs for 7 years to three straight NFC title games and a Super Bowl he dese...
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