Joakim Noah Drank Tequila to Prepare for 'GQ' Photo Shoot

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterFebruary 26, 2014

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What can tequila do for you?

For most people, fermented agave nectar is a handy remedy for ridding yourself of all those pesky friends and memories.

For Joakim Noah, however, it's the magic elixir that lets him pose in front of cameras.

According to Luis Gomez of the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Bulls center recently admitted that Mexico’s most popular liquor was the wonder cure that helped him get over his nerves during a recent photo shoot with GQ.

“I was a little nervous,” Noah told GQ. “So I actually had a couple of tequila shots, and it helped me so much.”

Indeed, Noah. We’ve all been there, in one fashion or another. Red Bull might give you wings, but tequila turns tables into catwalks. 

And catwalk Noah did, after a fashion.

Gomez reports that Noah—blessed with courage only tequila can give—dribbled around in front of cameras for the GQ shoot in a tuxedo and bow tie.

Sources could not confirm whether or not the shoot was a straight walk-off with old-school rules.

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Despite his trepidation, this isn’t Noah’s first time showing the fashion magazine his “Blue Steel.” In 2009, he and his father did a spread for GQ France

Noah will be featured in GQ’s March edition. Gomez reports that he opened up to the magazine about embracing his role as a basketball villain.

“When you look at the people all the way at the top of the arena, and they look so small, right?” Noah told GQ. “And they’re just jumping up and down, being like ‘[Bleep] you!’...there’s nothing better than that.”

Yep, the man who enjoys bathing in the warm hatred of a hostile arena is the same guy who needs a little booze to steel his nerves to pose for a magazine.

Somehow, it would seem the camera is scarier when you have to care how you look.


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