Kansas State's Wesley Iwundu High-Fives Invisible Friends After Free Throw

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterFebruary 26, 2014

Screenshot via Vine

“Up top, Colonel Whisker Biscuits! Down low, Mooky the Ghost!”

Some of us had invisible friends growing up, and it just so happened that Wesley Iwundu brought a few of his to the game Tuesday night. 

The Kansas State freshman went in for some invisible daps after a made free throw against Texas Tech Tuesday night. Officials had cleared the floor for a technical foul shot, and Iwundu ended up high-fiving the rest of his unseen childhood friends after draining his first shot.

Iwundu’s reunion with Peter Rabbit and company was spotted by @Alderman_S (h/t Samer Kalaf of Deadspin).

Not since Andrew Bogut did the invisible high-five shimmy as a Milwaukee Buck has someone so casually drawn congratulations from the air. 

I like to think this was a deliberately preplanned event by Iwundu. Technical free throws, by their very nature, are against everything natural and good in this world. No one feels comfortable shooting free throws on 5,000 acres of glowing, empty hardwood as a sea of humanity watches.

To combat this pressure, you stick to your plan. Iwundu wanted his high-fives and got them. Sure, they came from Dr. Hieronymus Poopkins and the invisible specter of Master Splinter, but the point is a transaction took place...kind of.


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