Let's Watch Dirk Nowitzki Tear a Knicks Fan's Heart Out

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterFebruary 25, 2014

Screenshot via VIne

A fraction of an inch—that was the difference between solace and soul-battering despair Monday for Knicks fans.

After battling down to the final heartbeats Monday night, the New York Knicks lost to the Dallas Mavericks on a game-winning fadeaway by Dirk Nowitzki.

For a team that’s seemingly exhausted its fans' capacity for misery, this bouncing, last-second dagger somehow managed to ratchet the suffering up another level.

New York fans went through a roller coaster of emotions in those final moments, and no one more aptly characterized their violent shift from cautious hope to bottomless sorrow than a man in a blue shirt behind the Mavericks basket.

A Vine of Nowitzki figuratively ripping this Knicks fan’s beating heart from his chest was uploaded by @Kyle Weidie (h/t Tim Ryan of The Big Lead). 

You see that? That’s being a Knicks fan, kids. We like to think we understand it, but most of us have no idea of the masochistic misery this tribe of people has endured. 

And as if Monday night’s buzzer-beater loss wasn’t enough, the poor man in this Vine awoke Tuesday to the news that Knicks guard Raymond Felton was arrested for criminal weapons possession early Tuesday morning. 

Sue Ogrocki/Associated Press

According to J. David Goodman of the New York Times, the point guard turned himself in after his wife turned over a handgun to the police—a handgun allegedly belonging to Felton.

Knicks fans who want Felton off the team might take this to be good news, although it’s likely to further torpedo the team's chance of getting any value out of its struggling 29-year-old point guard. 

In summation, Knick-ing isn’t easy, and it’s only getting worse.


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