Draft Decision: Do I Take a Player For Now or Later?

Matt DacherCorrespondent IApril 25, 2008

It's draft day.

Teams must decide who they will take. It's a decision that will either make or break a team for the future. But another question poses itself. Do I take a player who'll help me win now or who will not necessarily help now but will be a key contributor in the future?

In recent years the decision has naturally been to win now. But is that really the right decision?

Say an NFL team has a veteran player who is comng to the back end of his career. He was a star at one point, yet he's not what he used to be. You decide to take an up and coming star with raw talent.

If you pick this player and allow the veteran to start while at the same time mentoring this player is that the better decision?

Most teams pick players that they feel will help them now, but what if that player doesn't work out. Where does that leave you? If you pick for the future rather than now you may be in better luck. A prime example of working towards the future is Matt Leinart.

He's been under the watchful eye of Kurt Warner since being selected by the Arizona Cardinals. He will without a doubt be a playmaker once Kurt Warner finally retires.

It all comes down to taking a gamble. Pick for now and risk disaster or pick for the future and allow the young player to develop?

What's your move?