Gracie Gold's Heart Was 'Melted' by This Teen's Prom Invitation Video

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Kids these days with their Razor scooters and fancy prom invitations!

Meet Dyer Pettijohn, a teenager from Malibu, Calif., who’s going for broke in an attempt to secure a prom date with U.S. figure skater Gracie Gold.

While his buddies lurk by the lockers and waylay potential dates in the hallway, this young man filmed a video formally—and adorably—asking his Olympic crush to the big dance.

Fortunately for Pettijohn, the message seems to have reached its intended target. Gold tweeted the video out to her followers on Monday, and the priceless footage was spotted by Nick Schwartz of For The Win

Gold has yet to confirm whether she’ll accept the invitation, but Pettijohn hardly leaves her a choice. The kid is smooth, even when he’s not being smooth. 

Here are a few lines from the video:

“You’re gorgeous. My mom thinks I’m pretty.”

Screenshot via YouTube

“We’re both blonde, five-foot-something and graceful on the ice [falls].”

Screenshot via YouTube

“The Olympic judges got it wrong. You’re the only gold I see.”

Screenshot via YouTube

Best of all? Pettijohn dubbed in “Snow” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the soundtrack! 

This kid is a keeper, Gold. Any guy who musters this amount of moxie for a prom date and jams to RHCP is a catch indeed.



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