Tna Vs. WWE : Who Would Win?

brandon stanleyContributor IJune 11, 2009

TNA Vs. WWE would be a great match but to me WWE would win. TNA has some good people on their team but they can't meet WWE. For example. Lets try Cm Punk vs. Aj Styles. Cm Punk for one thing is the WHChampion. Aj Styles is nothing but the Legends Champion. Cm Punk is faster,more agile,and many more. 

Another example HHH vs. Booker T. Well that already happened so I don't need to explain who would win that. TNA is fake to me anyway, so that means you would put trained wrestlers vs. actors. WWE also has more people. The only thing that might give TNA a chance is MEM or maybe Frontline. Oh yeah and how would they last with THE BIG SHOW? Just deal with it and say that WWE will beat TNA.

One other thing people from TNA go to the WWE! Did you notice that? Like Christian Cage. Gail kim also came from TNA. But some people did go to TNA from WWE. But still more people from TNA come to the WWE. TNA sucks.