Knockout Spotlight: Taylor Wilde

Christi LottCorrespondent IJune 11, 2009

Why she's Good:

Taylor is without a doubt a firecracker. She's a ball full of energy and makes her matches exciting. A great aerial move set coupled with some solid mat skills have made her an integral part of the Knockout division. She's got some indy cred that makes her a standout as well. Taylor got a great entry into TNA in achieving the great underdog story in defeating Awesome Kong and was able to make herself a household name.

Why she's Bad:

Taylor seems to have been a student of the "Lack of Personality and Pizazz" School. Although she made a big impact(no pun intended), there wasn't much after the fact. The lack of personality makes her matches a bit boring because there's the appearance of a lack of chemistry with anyone.

What she brings to TNA

Energy. Despite a lack of character growth, Taylor has got a set of wrestling skills to back herself up. She makes her matches exciting in that aspect and, with youth on her side, can only continue to grow.

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