Top 2015 College Football Recruits Who Have Already Spurned the SEC

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IFebruary 25, 2014

Top 2015 College Football Recruits Who Have Already Spurned the SEC

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    Credit: 247Sports

    All recruits are big competitors who want to play on the best and biggest stage. It just so happens that stage is in the SEC, the closest conference to the NFL.

    Schools in the SEC dominate the recruiting rankings with outstanding classes, but not every prospect aspires to play in the league. While examining the 2015 247Sports composite rankings, it appears several recruits ranked within the first 100 have already said no to playing in the SEC.

    A 5-star quarterback flipped his commitment from an SEC school to a Pac-12 team earlier this year, while Florida State has claimed two players before the SEC could get to them. Plus, Ohio State, Notre Dame and Michigan also have gotten elite prospects who could have committed to SEC schools.

    All recruiting ratings and rankings are from 247Sports.

    Player evaluations are based on review of tape at Scout.comRivals and 247Sports.

Josh Wariboko, OL

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    Credit: 247Sports

    Committed to: Oklahoma

    Josh Wariboko is a 4-star offensive lineman who would have fit in well in the SEC. At 6'3.5" and 280 pounds, the Oklahoma City native has excellent strength and power at the point of attack.

    Wariboko fits best at guard, as he has good toughness and vision to locate stunts, twists and blitzes. He'll be an asset in the trenches for Oklahoma. 

Blake Barnett, QB

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    Credit: 247Sports

    Committed to: Notre Dame

    A talented 4-star quarterback from California, Blake Barnett will be a name to watch during the 2015 recruiting cycle. At nearly 6'4" and 195 pounds, Barnett combines good size with great arm strength.

    He's a solid athlete who can buy some time with his legs, and he just needs to polish his mechanics. Barnett will be a starter early in his career at Notre Dame. 

Shaun Crawford, CB

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    Credit: 247Sports

    Committed to: Michigan

    Although he needs more reps at cornerback, Shaun Crawford has the potential to develop into a stud at the position in a few years. He isn't big at just 5'9.5" and 170 pounds, but the 4-star prospect has natural quickness and athleticism.

    Crawford has sudden short-area explosiveness, plus he has solid instincts and awareness in coverage. He's headed to Michigan, but Crawford would be just fine in the SEC.

Tristen Hoge, OL

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    Credit: 247Sports

    Committed to: Notre Dame

    Idaho doesn't usually produce elite prospects, but 4-star offensive lineman Tristen Hoge is an exception. At 6'5" and 287 pounds, Hoge has impressive strength and toughness.

    He appears to have a knack to quickly figure out stunts and delayed blitzes, plus he plays powerfully as a run-blocker. He's an SEC-caliber blocking prospect.

Eric Glover-Williams, ATH/CB

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    Credit: 247Sports

    Committed to: Ohio State

    Eric Glover-Williams is a 4-star prospect from Ohio who is one of the fastest and most athletic players in the Midwest. He can play cornerback, receiver, running back, safety and return kicks and punts.

    Glover-Williams, who is 5'11" and 165 pounds, is an explosive bundle of dynamite who just needs to find a home on the field. Once he settles in at one position, he'll flourish in college.

Tyrek Cole, CB

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    Credit: 247Sports

    Committed to: Florida State

    Florida State has produced stud defensive backs throughout the years, and 4-star cover man Tyrek Cole will follow suit.

    The 5'10.5", 170-pounder has great instincts in coverage, plus he shows the required hip flexibility to excel in off-man coverage. Cole pays close attention to everything a receiver does throughout a game, and he also flashes natural hands when intercepting passes.

Aliz'e Jones, TE

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    Credit: 247Sports

    Committed to: UCLA

    While Aliz'e Jones is a 4-star prospect at tight end, he plays more like a receiver. The Las Vegas native is 6'4" and 222 pounds, which helps him tower over defensive backs when high-pointing balls.

    Jones has terrific speed to shoot up the seams out of his stance. He doesn't body-catch often, choosing to show off his hands and plucking ability. UCLA has a good one coming in next fall in Jones.

Jordan Scarlett, RB

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    Credit: 247Sports

    Committed to: Florida Atlantic

    The more 4-star running back Jordan Scarlett is seen on tape, the more it will be realized by people that this guy is more of a bell-cow running back than an all-purpose type.

    Scarlett, who is 5'10" and 197 pounds, is at his best when he sees a crease and can attack it with force. He has solid strength and balance to not be impacted by arm tackles, plus he has a solid amount of quickness to get upfield.

Derwin James, S

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    Credit: 247Sports

    Committed to: Florida State

    A big and physical safety, Derwin James has a lot to offer. The 5-star Florida native is a physical defender who intimidates receivers at 6'2" and 201 pounds.

    James has good speed and range to get to the perimeter from the seams, plus he isn't scared to come up and fill alleys. He's a rare safety who can play strong or free safety for a defense. 

Ricky Town, QB

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    Credit: 247Sports

    Committed to: USC

    Ricky Town is a 5-star quarterback who was committed to Alabama until January, when he flipped to USC. The California native is one of the best players in the nation, regardless of position.

    At 6'4" and 205 pounds, Town has good mechanics in the pocket. He's quick to set up, stays balanced and does a solid job of using his legs to generate torque to get more velocity on his throws.

    Town can pitch strikes to targets due to him being an accurate thrower of the football, plus he flashes the ability to freeze linebackers with impressive play-fakes and ball-handling.

Mitch Hyatt, OT

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    Credit: 247Sports

    Committed to: Clemson

    Mitch Hyatt is a 5-star offensive lineman who has the technique, intelligence and athletic ability to play left tackle in college. The Georgia native is a similar player to Jacksonville Jaguars offensive lineman Luke Joeckel.

    At 6'5.5" and 271 pounds, Hyatt has a quick first step and gets good hand-placement on his targets. He has solid strength at the point of attack, plus Hyatt flashes excellent ability to pull and trap. 

    The future Clemson Tiger can dance with rushers in space due to him being patient, and he doesn't fall for tricks and stunts often.

    Chad Simmons of said the following about Hyatt: "Hyatt is one of the more polished offensive linemen in the 2015 class."

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