Jose Aldo: 'Dana White's Rankings are F-----g Useless'

Jordy McElroyCorrespondent IFebruary 24, 2014

USA Today

Jose Aldo isn’t losing sleep over Dana White’s opinion or the UFC’s pound-for-pound rankings.

The featherweight champ recently drew criticism from the UFC President following his unanimous decision victory over Ricardo Lamas at UFC 169.

According to White in an interview with, Aldo can’t be considered the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world simply because he has a tendency to hang back instead of finishing opponents.

The coveted spot as the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world has been a revolving door ever since Anderson Silva got knocked off his throne last July.

Quite frankly, people generally just take White’s word for it. Whomever he proclaims as the best fighter in the world gets a gold star and a stamp of approval as the No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter.

After a press conference held in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday, Aldo talked to the Brazilian media (h/t and expressed his thoughts on being snubbed by White for the top spot on the UFC’s pound-for-pound rankings:

The ranking is f-----g useless, and I don’t care about it or anything people put on [about it]. The best pound-for-pound fighter is [Cain] Velasquez because he beats all of them. If they put him against me, he’d beat me. That’s how it works for me. The best is that one that beats everybody. I don’t care about the rankings.

As for White’s comments regarding his fighting style, the champ wasn’t exactly pleased with being criticized for adopting a tactful approach:

I never fought so well like in my last fight, Aldo continued. I attacked him the whole time. I did my best. We need to know how to handle the criticism. You dedicate and suffer a lot to showcase your technique and ability, things that few people can do, and some people say you’re laying back. It’s tough, but I don’t care about this.

…If you lose, no one will remember you, but if you’re the champion they will always remember you. I want to keep winning, no matter what.

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of fighting is the sustained level of difficulty when constantly competing at a championship level. Guys at the top of the food chain present tougher challenges which automatically increases the likelihood of more competitive fights and less finishes.

If the expectation of a top fighter is to rack up finishes like Anderson Silva, the top pound-for-pound spot won’t cease being a revolving door in the UFC.

Aldo appears to be adopting the right mentality as it’s impossible to please everyone in MMA. People want to see exciting fights, but if you get careless and go out and lose, you slide down the ranks, your pay decreases and you could potentially lose your job.

Winning is the only surefire way Aldo can cement a spot in history and continue to provide for his family.