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Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIJune 11, 2009

Welcome to another edition of Joe's 411: B/R Pro-Wrestling News. There is a lot of news here today, so lets get started

Christian Update

As we all saw by now, Tommy Dreamer is now ECW Champion. He pinned Jack Swagger at Extreme Rules to fulfill his "dream". While it was nice to see, the problem is that Christian will be going against Dreamer and possibly Swagger again at the Bash.

Since Christian made his return, he had feuded with Jack Swagger as we all know. He eventually won the ECW Title from him and then started having a "friendly" rivalry with Dreamer. The issue is that you can only see these three men rival each other for so long.

It was not handled well, and even though Christian is the top guy on ECW, it looks as if he could be moving to another brand.

The rumor for Christian to begin with was that he would be the Jeff Hardy attacker upon his WWE return. He would rival Hardy and go into Wrestlemania and probably have an Extreme type of match.

However, the Friday before the Royal Rumble they switched it up and had Matt Hardy be the attacker. Everyone expected Christian to be at the Royal Rumble to cost Hardy the WWE Title, but his brother Matt showed up instead and hit Jeff with a chair costing him the WWE Title.

Many believe the rivalry was very good, especially with it being a last minute thing for them to set up.

The rumor got out, so of course the WWE had to surprise us by not bringing Christian to Smackdown. Instead they debuted him shortly after on ECW.

This killed more than one thing for the WWE. Something they didn't realize when they decided to move Christian to ECW. They wanted to give Christian the ECW Title of course, but didn't realize they had no where to go with him after Swagger.

Which is why they brought Dreamer into the fold, to help liven it up a bit. Many thought it was weird to see a mid-carder like Dreamer in the ECW Title hunt, but I guess the WWE didn't.

They decided to bring a storyline with Dreamer's contract in to it, to make it an emotional thing for his fans. It was a good idea, but it made it to easy to suspect Dreamer would be champion. However, the WWE didn't change that. Weird right?

Smackdown Writer Michael Hayes begged Vince to bring Christian to Smackdown, because he knew he could work with him well. He had many ideas, the first was the attacker storyline.

Edge was on Smackdown too, so obviously he would be a key member in storylines with Christian. The Hardys were there too, and we all know the history Christian has with them. You have others like The Undertaker there too, which would have been nice to see a storyline with those two wouldn't it?

So there was a lot you could do with Christian there as you may have figured out. Which was why he was slated to go there to begin with until Vince put his head up his butt and decided to put Christian on the C Brand to make him the top guy there.

We all know Christian is not liked by Vince McMahon, however, wouldn't you think that if they payed Christian all of that money that they would use him right?

Also, because Christian was in TNA and he went back to the WWE, wouldn't you think Vince would have pushed Christian into being a top guy in the WWE instead of just the top guy on ECW?

It would make it more alluring to other TNA guys because they would see how well Christian has been doing. It would help to kill the competition that TNA has been bringing slowly but surely.

Vince loves to crush the competition, so to see him not do that is kind of weird to see.

But back to Christian.

He is not liked by Vince, but is loved by all the writers and creative team because he can do well in pretty much all the storylines given to him.

However, he is dying on ECW. And because he can do so much on other shows like Smackdown, he may be going there. Word has it that Hayes has been on Vince's tail about bringing Christian over.

They would probably do a trade angle to not have the same concept of what happened previously with Matt Hardy, who just left ECW and went to Smackdown.

It is not certain if it would happen, but they feel it would be something to freshen up both brands.

Many think CM Punk will go heel after cashing in Money in the Bank on Jeff Hardy, so therefore a face position would be open on Smackdown. If Hardy leaves, then this would not be an issue.

However, since Jeff Hardy has been saying he wants to resign and he is close to a deal with the WWE, he looks to be staying.

We are slated to see a CM Punk vs Edge match for the World Heavyweight Championship on RAW next week. So unless they want to add Hardy, we may see him take time off.

There is no one on SD! he can rival right now except for Punk or Edge, so if both are rivaling each other, it wouldn't work for him.

So I see him getting into the fold soon. Most want to see a Punk/Hardy angle, if that is the case then Edge would be left out. And you cannot leave Edge out of anything on Smackdown, which is where Christian would come into play.

They could still have Christian do work on ECW, but also go to Smackdown, eventually we would have to see him on just one show. Which would end up being Smackdown.

But everything is up in the air until Vince decides on what he wants to do. If he wants to move Christian he could easily do so.

Most fans have been wanting to see something with Edge and Christian since Christian has been in the WWE, so why would they not build on that? I would find it strange personally, when they easily could. We will have to see what happens, but I can safely say I would not be against seeing Christian on Smackdown.

Smackdown Superstar Supposedly hands in notice

There is a rumor going around that Rey Mysterio has handed in his notice to World Wrestling Entertainment. Nothing is confirmed, but because Mysterio has missed some house shows and may miss Smackdown this week, many think it is legitimate.

He is taking time off for nagging knee injuries. So this could be how this whole thing started.

He lost his Intercontinental Title to Chris Jericho, and also his mask. So they still have more to do with the storyline if they want. Both Jericho and Mysterio have said they love working with each other, so this seems strange that he would quit in between a storyline with Jericho.

It would be easy to go ahead and end it now because Jericho has the IC Title, and they could make a storyline out of him taking Mysterio out.

Some think the whole thing is going around to build up the storyline with Jericho, which I would assume too. The WWE does send out rumors like this, so it is not a stretch to think they did this time.

As we know, they did send out that Kennedy injured his wrist, and that was proven to be false.

Mysterio shouldn't be leaving, as it would be a big blow to the WWE. He is considered a top face despite looking like a mid-carder every week. He adds more to the Hispanic viewership on Smackdown too.

So I am sure Vince would pay him just about anything to keep him around. So don't expect him to go, but it is rumored.

Undertaker update

As many people know The Undertaker has taken time off to rest his knees. During this time he had surgery to help him stick around a little while longer. There has been no word on retirement, even though most think he will retire because of his injured past, in 2010.

There was a "Rest in Peace" tour set to go on, so obviously many people picked that up and immediately thought he was going to leave.

However, the WWE addressed it just saying it was a trademark phrase the Undertaker used and they used it to promote the tour more.

I don't think it would be good health wise for Taker to stick around much longer. So I would think he would retire by now, but oh well. His schedule is different from any other WWE talent, pretty much hand made for him to work with. So maybe he knows he can work it for longer than people think.

Anyway, Taker is supposed to be off his crutches by mid-July. So don't expect him back until Summerslam at the earliest. Some believe he will be back at the Breaking Point PPV because of it taking the spot of Unforgiven.

We expect him to be at Unforgiven every year as it was centered around his image. But to expect him at a PPV centered around submissions may be a bit weird. Taker does have a few deadly submissions as we have seen in the past, but he is no submission savant or anything.

I think the PPV is a stupid idea to begin with, but oh well. Anyway, the WWE feels they can bring him back then to help make the debut of the PPV. Which would be a nice idea, if it actually worked.

Since Taker has had many returns over the last few years, fans are not nearly as excited to see Taker back as they once were. This may very well be Taker's last appearance at Breaking Point, so it would be good to see for that.

However, I am not going to buy a PPV that is around 50 dollars and around 70 for HD just to see Taker come back. I can stream it, or watch it on youtube later on.

Heck, the WWE will show how he came back to recap the PPV.

I think they are better off not bringing Taker back then, I'd try Summerslam because it is usually a great PPV every year. It all depends how things are set up and the matches on the card of course too. Right now, I am sure the WWE is contemplating when to bring him back.

But maybe believe August to October is the timetable to see him. Which makes perfect sense seeing as he would be cleared to return then.

TNA Return

It looks like LAX's Hernandez will be coming back soon. It is a bad idea to bring him back so soon in my opinion considering it was a neck injury, but his doctors did clear him much sooner than expected.

Neck injuries are bad for pro-wrestlers because of what they do of course, and they are also a type of injury that can come back out of no where.

Just ask Kurt Angle.

Some believe he could be back as soon as next week to rival The British Invasion with his partner Homicide. TBI has their Fest or Fired cases for a Heavyweight Title shot and X-Division Title shot, so it makes sense.

I would think he would be back at the next PPV or possibly after, but nothing is for sure yet other than he is cleared to come back.

Vince McMahon on edge

As we all know, people have seen RAW as boring as of late. Not many in the company have wanted to talk to Vince about anything, even if is minor regarding RAW. He controls 80% of RAW's creative side, yes even he does not want to control the whole show.

Of course everything is cleared by him before it goes on air, but he does not control everything in meetings for creative on ECW or Smackdown. It passes through him, but nothing is set up by McMahon unless he just has an idea for the show. The head writers control everything for those shows.

Not the case on RAW, where he comes up with ideas constantly for it.

He is being described as the grumpy old man by people within the company. He does not want to listen to any negativity regarding RAW because he has just been on edge.

It all started with the "Denver Debacle"  and he has been the same way sense. Many feel Kennedy was released out of no where because of this edge Vince has been on.

People within the WWE feel they may turn out just like Kennedy if they say anything to Vince regarding RAW. It doesn't matter how minor it is, it seems he just doesn't want to hear it.

So until Vince gets out of this funk he is in, then we may see more bad on RAW than good.

UFC Fighter wants to return to TNA

Recently the UFC's Frank Trigg was interviewed by Slam Wrestling, he had some interesting things to say, here is some highlights:

On returning to TNA:"We talked a little bit about it. We were trying to get back into it, but I signed my [four-fight] deal with UFC so that kind of pulls me out of pro wrestling at least for a while. But I was trying to get back in with TNA, and hopefully in the future once I'm retired from MMA and I'm full-time out of the sport, and ready to move on to something else, I can move into full-time pro wrestling."

On learning the art form of pro wrestling: "Tough, tough, man. I can cut a promo like nobody's business. It's easier to cut a promo than to actually do the sport. It's tough. Pro wrestling is a tough, tough thing. It's a lot of dedication. It's a lot of me being able to work with a partner. In my expo, I don't work with anybody. You're punching me, I'm punching you; you're kicking me, I'm kicking you. In pro wrestling, I have to be able to work with you. I have to trust that you're going to put me in the right spot. You have to trust me that I'm going to go to the right spot that I'm not going to hurt you or be in the wrong spot when you try to kick me or try to move me around. It's a dance that I wasn't very familiar with. It was way more difficult than I thought it was going to be."

Many people should realize that wrestling is a lot harder than it is made out to be. Trigg is an MMA Fighter, so he knows about the sport of MMA, and if he believes it is harder than it people think, then some MMA fans need to take notice.

You can talk about how your not a fan of wrestling all you want, but to say things are completely fake and things like that, you have to be out of your mind.

As Trigg said, it takes a lot of dedication. It takes years to learn, so you can't just hop into it and go for it like some think.

Sure it is storylined and what not, but more of it is real than fake. If you don't believe me, try it yourself.

That is all for the 411 today!

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